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Child Protection System (Essay Sample)

For this assignment, students will identify a problem in the child protection system, court system or other child welfare institution related to child maltreatment. Students will then analyze the problem addressing each of the below listed categories. The paper is to be APA Format and can be completed with a minimum of ten (10) pages plus references. Identify a problem or issue in child protection system, court system or other child welfare institution related to child maltreatment. 1. Find current law on the topic. 2. Find current research and studies on the topic 3. Propose changes that would improve on 1 or more of the following: a. federal law i.e. the Constitution, No Child Left Behind Act, b. state law – i.e. Florida Statute, Chapter 39, Criminal law c. county policy – i.e. DCF operating procedures d. agency policy/practice e. funding – i.e. Federal and State/Private – Foundations f. possible collaborative efforts – actions to increased collaboration between agencies and organizations. g. Court procedures or practice – i.e. Rules of Juvenile Procedures h. Other (Professor approval) 4. Discuss advantages and disadvantages of current law 5. Discuss advantages and disadvantages of proposed changes 6. Conclusion source..

Child Protection System
Professor Name:
(February 17, 2012)
Child Protection System
Current law on Child Sexual Abuse
Sexual abuse in minors has been identified as maltreatment and harassment of a minor within the American federal law. Child harassment is illegal in all the American states. This also includes the federal law. Within the various states, the child abuse laws specifics vary. On the contrary, certain characteristics of these laws are similar among all the states.
The law on sexual exploitation and molestation in children is found in Code, Title 18, Part 1, and Chapter 10 of the American law. Part of (a) of this law states than any individual employing, using, persuading, enticing, or coercing any child to participate in sexual explicit conduct for the objective of getting any observable depiction of such conduct will be punished by law. The law also states that an individual having the custody of a minor who knowingly allows the minors to participate in sexual explicit characteristics shall also be punished by the law. Additionally, the law states that any person making, printing or publishing a notice aimed at get, produce or reproduce visual depictions shall be punished by the law (Spratt, 2001).
There are also the laws which deal with given practices which relate to material constituting sexual harassment among minors. These laws are found within Title 18, Part 1, and Chapter 10. It states that an individual transporting or shipping minors between and within boundaries by any means shall be prosecuted by the American law. This includes individuals who produce such like visual depiction constituting the utilization of a child to engage in sexually explicit behavior. It also includes such conduct like visual depiction. In addition, a person knowingly receiving or distributing visual depictions mailed or transported shall be punished by the law.
The fact that minors are not normally in a position to give consent within the law provides a big challenge. The word “minor” denotes an individual who has not yet attained the majority age. This is the age whereby a person is able to give consent in any legal issue. On the contrary, the real laws and the optimal ages which make up breach of laws vary from state to state. An individual who engages in sexual activity with a child below the ages of sixteen to eighteen no matter the seemingly consent of the child or compliance constitutes an offence. This is according to federal law. In the majority of the states, a lot severe sentences and cases are found within young kids of less than twelve years. Additionally, in the majority of the states plus their individual penal cords, some exceptions occur in a case whereby the sexual activity takes place between a young adult and a child whose age brackets are adjacent to each other. The above exception prevents prosecuting the young adult with a sexual offence. This normally occurs in cases where...
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