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Chase Sapphire Literature & Language Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


While discussing Market Segmentation, the case references the age groups 18-26 and 26-60. What are your thoughts on the value of segmenting by age group in this manner?
How would you rate the value of having a metal core card? Is it worth the “cost of goods”? Why or why not?
Given that enthusiastic consumers liked to share their affinity for the brand with their peers, how would you maximize the value of their willingness to share?
It has been said that the Millennial Generation (Gen Y) particularly values “experiences”. How can the Millennial affinity for experiences be leveraged to positively impact brand loyalty for Chase Sapphire?
How can Chase use database marketing to market to their segment using the desired approach that you had to be “in the know” and “exclusive” to get the card.
The case reports that consumers tool long road trips to apply in person at the nearest Chase bank branch before the offer expired. How would you recommend that Chase take advantage of this?
How would you manage the true needs of your customers as relates to the varying benefits of your sub-branded products? For example, the case states that a lot of folks got Reserve who might be better suited to Preferred. What would you do about this? How would you manage this for Chase’s long-term gain?
You don't need to write down questions, just directly answer.


Chase Sapphire
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Chase Sapphire
Segmenting people by their age group is vital to any company. Similarly, understanding the age partners in marketing segmentation is essential. This is because it helps firms use the correct targeting strategies for a particular age group (Santana, Avery & Snively, 2018). People in different age groups have different feelings, ideas, and beliefs about a specific product or service. Therefore, dividing consumers based on the age group will help an organization advertise its products effectively; since the marketers will be aware of the products that will appeal to the consumers well.

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