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Characters In Macbeth: Motivation & Gender Roles (Essay Sample)


In Macbeth (Acts 1-3), in the Norton Anthology of World Literature. Third edition. Volumes D-F. Martin Puchner, General Editor. W.W. Norton & Company. 3rd edition. ISBN-13: 978-0393933666.
Paragraph 1
Motivation: Sometimes a person's actions are determined largely by some aspect of his character, sometimes by some external force or forces exerting pressure on him, and sometimes by a combination of both. Using the character of Macbeth, illustrate whether the motivations for the actions of the character are internal, external, or both. Refer to specific incidents in the play and support your answer. Use at least 2 specific events and/or quotes from Macbeth to support your answer.
Paragraph 2
Gender Roles
Characters in Macbeth frequently refer to gender roles (that is, ideas about how men and women do and should act/think/feel).  How do characters (especially Lady Macbeth) view the roles of men and women? To what extent does she reject stereotypes about men and women? To what extent does she use them to her advantage? Use at least 2 specific events and/or quotes from Macbeth to support your answer.


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Both internal and external factors influence the motivated actions of Macbeth. However, the internal factors triggered the motivation primarily, which were further supported by the external factors. Providing evidence from the act, Macbeth was internally determined to becoming a king. He was highly inclined or motivated towards power, ruler-ship and succeeding the throne, which holds a majority contribution towards the murder of Duncan, the possible successor for the kingship (Puchner, 2012).
Nonetheless, the external factors affirmed Macbeth to act instead of the motivation of kingship. For example, Macbeth was intrigued by the prophecy of the three witches. The two prophecie

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