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The Character Of Celeste In The Strangers (Essay Sample)


The Book's Name: "The Stranger". Author: Albert Camus
This will require students assigned to be witnesses to pull textual evidence from the story regarding their character, develop an interpretation, and write an in-character testimony relaying their opinion and experiences with Meursault. (Obviously, some characters will side with Meursault and some will side against him and will collaborate with the Defense or Prosecution groups respectively.) One student will portray Meursault.
Meursault and Witnesses:
Give your testimony
Respond to lawyer questions
Use examples from the book to develop your response (quotes are preferred)
Costuming or extravagant performances will be considered “exemplifies expectations”
Every student must produce 500 words of polished writing that show:
Understanding of The Stranger
A well-developed interpretation of the text
Stylistic choices to support your character's motivation (voice, motivation, etc.)
3-5 quotes from The Stranger (no more than 15% total word count)
And I chose the "Celeste"( a character in the book), and we have to write if I am Celeste, what's my perspective of Meursault. and it's about 500 words


The Character of Celeste
Author Name
The Stranger is a 1942 book by French author Albert Camus. Its outlook and theme have been cited as examples of Albert's philosophy of absurd, though he entirely rejected the labels. The writer has beautifully developed different scenarios and characters and talks about humanity which seems to have been ignored these days. In The Strangers, Albert has incorporated abominable personality traits of Meursault, Celeste, Monsieur Perez, Emmanuel, and Salamano, and tried to create consistency and balance (Camus, & Gilbert 1969).
The central character, Meursault, does not feel sad after the sudden death of his mother; this shows that he is giving more importance to his romantic relationship with Marie than anything else. At a glimpse, it looks like he is a rude, arrogant and inhuman character, and lacks feelings of sadness, love, remorse, and regret. Celeste, on the other hand, calls himself a close friend of Meursault. Celeste owns a restaurant where he often dines with his friends, talks about politics, and attempts to get rid of all his worries and tensions. Being a noble and kind person, Celeste shows much support at the trials for Meursault and expresses his desire to do more than enough for his best friend (Dennis, 1999).
If I am Celeste, I would have never allowed Meursault to spend hours in my restaurant. It

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