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Character Analysis – Macbeth (Essay Sample)


Lady Macbeth
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Think about your overall impressions of your character. What is he/she like? What are some of his/her most interesting/meaningful/significant personality traits? Why?
Choose at least three traits that your character exhibits throughout the story and create an essay that explains HOW you know these are his/her traits and WHY they are significant to the story (how they complicate the action or how they interact with other characters).
What are your overall impressions of your character?
• What is he/she like?
• How do these traits affect the action of the story?
• How does the character change over the course of the story?
Choose at least three traits that your character exhibits throughout the story and create an essay that explains:
• HOW you know these are his/her traits
• WHY they are significant to the story (how they complicate the action or interactions with other characters).
Things to consider:
• What are your character’s traits are and how/why do they affect the story/themes/other characters?
o How do you know? (What do others say about the character? What does the character do? How does the author describe the character?)
o Be sure to include examples and/or quotations, and explain how these illustrate the character traits.
Note: Essays must have a Works Cited page.


Character Analysis – Macbeth
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The character is a sequential phenomenon and a reflection of a person’s persona, morale, and perceptions that drive their conducts and manages their reactions, eventually (Bristol, 2011, pp. 640). This essay aims to develop content about the analytical justification of the character of Macbeth from the play written by William Shakespeare with the title “Macbeth.” The story of the play along with the role played by the main lead, Macbeth, presents a theme of several human sentiments and their consequences. Meanwhile, this essay will be focusing over personality traits of Macbeth mentioned by Shakespeare and their impacts over the entire theme of the play/story.
Character Analysis of Macbeth
In the play, the character of Macbeth holds the focusing position, and almost all of the story sections are revolving around him due to his magnificent, strong, influencing and unique personality. He appeared to be a perfect example of a flexible nature and highly motivated man. The story reflects that Macbeth was a soldier or a warrior who had an incredible character that showed several different traits that keep changing by the passage of time and the requirement of the situations throughout the entire play (Bristol, 2011, pp. 641). The most prominent character traits of Macbeth are his bravery, ambitiousness and guilty conscience.
The story of the play illustrates that Macbeth, who was the bravest merchant of the king’s arm force fought several battles on behalf of his nation and succeeded. By considering his success and bravery, the king announced that due to his acts of bravery and being a truly dedicated general, Macbeth deserves the title of becoming “Thane of Cawdor.” In short, the story started after this section in which Macbeth got famous and praised due to his bravery. Once he got declared to be the bravest person of the nation, he goes famous, and every other person in the country starts to distinguish him personally due to his enormous good name and prestige in the society.
There was a time when Macbeth met a group of Witches who were efficient in witchcraft. They talked to him for a while and then showed him his future by saying that

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