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Different Generations: Very Challenging for HR Managers (Essay Sample)


For the first time in history, people from four different generations are working together on the same nursing units, participating on the same committees, and managing patient care. Learning to work together in teams and communicate effectively is essential for safe quality care. This week we explore how we are alike and how we are different from colleagues outside our generation and how to bridge the generation gap (Course Objective 3).
There is a serious new problem in the workplace...four different generations working side by side...with different values, different ideas, different ways of getting things done, and different ways of communicating...but why is this becoming a problem now?
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Which generation do you belong to based on age? Is that different from the generation you identify with? Which attribute from a different generation do you think will be most difficult for you to deal with?
Visit the website posted for Beloit College and look at the way people that are entering college today think compared to those entering 10 years ago. What, if anything, surprises you?


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The fact that today's workforce is made up of individuals from four different generations must be very challenging for HR managers. The effective management of patient care relies to a great extent on teamwork. Therefore, the individuals from all the four generations have to work collaboratively to achieve the goals of the nursing practice.
I belong to the generation Y, and as described by Hammill (2005), the members of this generation have distinct behaviors, expectations, behaviors, and attitudes that are different from the others. I agree with Hammill (2005) that unless o

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