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HW English: Celebrating Nerdiness (Essay Sample)

Answer the following questions about “Celebrating Nerdiness” (pp. 635-36). 1.What is the purpose of this essay? Where does the author state the purpose of the essay? How is the author defining “nerdiness”? Where does he explain his definition, and is this placement effective? Why or why not? 2.Using the list on pp. 250-51 in Wyrick, identify and provide examples of those strategies used by the author in order to clarify the definition. For example, does he compare nerdiness to something else? Does he use familiar synonyms for nerdiness? Does he illustrate what nerdiness is not (negation)? Does he explain the etymology (history) of nerdiness? Does the definition change from the beginning to the end of the essay? Use the source of text book source..

Celebrating Nerdiness
Celebrating Nerdiness
The purpose of the essay "Celebrating Nerdiness" is to show how the society is supposed to celebrate the various differences in individuals. The author ‘Mr. Tom Rogers` describes his family of nerds, and the stereotypes/misconceptions that people have of nerds. The purpose of the essay can be derived from the various reasons given by the author. For instance, the author advocates that nerds should be respected and accepted in the society. He further proposes that nerds should be influenced in a positive manner so that they can feel proud of themselves. Rogers starts the essay by pointing out some few misconceptions about nerds, and explains why they are viewed with such a perception. Later on, he explains his life as a nerd, and high-school teacher.
Rogers uses various methods ...
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