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Causes of the war in Sierra Leone Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


Please answer these questions in your essay and also write your reflection page.
"What were the causes of the war in Sierra Leone? What kind of effects did it have on civilians?" how was Ishmael Beah effected.


Causes of the Sierra Leone Civil War
Student’s Name
Causes of the Sierra Leone Civil War
Sierra Leone's decade-long conflict officially ended following a military intervention designed to suppress rebel insurgency against the British government. However, Sierra Leoneans still experience elements of viciousness and brutality of the conflict. Liberians ex-president’s recent trial discloses the indelible scars the people still experience even ten years after the termination of the conflict. He aided and abetted war crimes during the "Sierra Leone civil war."
Causes of the war
The elite nationalists controlled the internal defense, industrial units, and political institutions from independence. The power shift resulted in conflict between the expatriate officials, the grass-root indigenous, and the African elite( Datzberger 2015). 

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