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Research And Explain What Causes a Climate Skeptic? (Essay Sample)


arguing for causes or effects defend with evidence the belief about the probable cause of climate skeptics. write about two at the most causes of the topic(climate skeptic)


What Causes a Climate Skeptic?
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What Causes a Climate Skeptic?
There have been increasing heated debates over the concept of climate change, with scientists arguing whether the release of greenhouse gases through human activity might result in changes in the climate. Such debates began at the close of the nineteenth century following a proposal by Svante Arrhenius, a Swedish chemist, that pointed out that industrial emissions could possibly cause global warming (Schmidt, 2010). The debate has increasingly grown bellicose with leaders such as the U.S. president Donald Trump dismissing claims of climate change as mere hoaxes originating from China during his presidential campaigns. It is clear that opinions of climate scientists and those of the general public differ at great margins, particularly when it comes to the issue of global warming. Is the earth really warming? Are humans the main cause of the warming? Is there anything that can be done to prevent further damage? While the answer to all these questions, according to climate scientists is ‘yes', the general public around the world tend to disagree (Siegel, 2017). Over the years, climate scientists have failed to accurately predict temperatures, predictions of accelerated sea-level rise and increased extreme weather have not come to pass, unexplained cooling and pause periods have not been accounted for by models, and the notion that slightly warmer climate might just be good for humans are reasons that have fueled a climate skeptic.
Skeptics argue that climate scientists have in the past been terrible when it comes to predicting global temperatures. According to climate skeptics, near-future predictions have often been inaccurate, and there is no need to trust longer-term predictions that climate change will ever happen in the future. Evidence cited by a group of such skeptics originates from Dr. Roy Spencer, who indicated that in 2013, 95 percent of climate models had hitherto overpredicted that the temperatures would rise because of greenhouse gases (Siegel, 2017). However, Spencer used misleadingly calibrated data to convince the audience, and in 2014, it came out that Spencer and his team had committed a serious mistake in data calibration. Spencer's team reported that the upper atmosphere continued to warm at +0.14 degrees for every 10 years, instead of the negligible figure that was reported by other scientists (Watts, 2013). The figure provided by Spencer's team was double the rate of warming between 1880 and 2014 which stood at 0.07 degrees for every 10 years. Data set from other major satellites also noted calibration errors in Spencer's data that found that the Earth was warming at 140 percent faster since the start of 1998 that previously indicated conclusions (Siegel, 2017). Such misleading data from other working climate scientists can cause skepticism among other scientists and the ge

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