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Causes and Effects of Divorce (Essay Sample)

Topic: Causes and Effects of Divorce The essay should include: 1) cover page 2) outline page 3) Abstract page 4) 3 page double-spaced essay with in-text citations 5) References page, as per APA handout. Hello, I have selected 4pages for order pricing purposes. One page will be split into two, the outline page and the abstract page. I was assured there is no charge for the cover page and references page. Also I don't want any big words. English is my second language so please just simple vocabulary. source..
Causes and Effects of Divorce Name Course number Instructor’s name Date Abstract Divorce is both a social and legal issue that has to do with ending or cancelling marital contracts. When married couples decide to divorce, they are often driven by more than one reason. There are different reasons depending on how they relate to the spouses unique experiences. Some of the most common reasons are those to do with incompatibility due to the feelings of missing love, loss of common interests and poor communication. Others include abuse and factors outside couples’ interpersonal relations. When divorce occurs, it has a particularly strong negative impact on children. They may fall prey to emotional instability leading them to a host of social problems such as drugs, alcohol and sexual activity. For parents, they may experience difficulty in finding other spouses, parenting and economic problems. Outline Introduction Subject and thesis Causes of divorce Affective causes Abusive causes External causes Effects of divorce Effects on children Effects on women Effects on men Conclusion Introduction Marriages where spouses manage their conflicting views amicably have rewarding effects on their economic status, psychological and physical health. They also contribute to positive outcomes on their children’s wellbeing (Clarke-Stewart & C, 2007). This is because the spouses are able to consolidate their earnings for the families’ projects and offer emotional support that is necessary for their children’s psychological and physical health. The children also benefit from the parent’s good relationship as it gives them a feeling of security in the home. When people decide to marry, they often have such high expectations. They expect to carry on the established commitment, trust and respect throughout the marriage. However, many of these marriages break down. There are several causes or reasons for divorce. This paper will g...
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