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Casino Gambling Literature & Language Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


Casino Gambling
Governor Patrick has recently announced that he supports the establishment of Casino gambling in Massachusetts. Many in the state legislature seem to disagree, however. What are your thoughts - will casino gambling benefit the state's economy (or the economy of any other state which chooses to approve it)? Should state governments even be in the business of encouraging gambling?
A brief research outline is required in the beginning of the essay.
The paper is to be 750-800 words in length, typewritten and double-spaced.
The paper must be fully supported by proper citations in APA Format.
My suggestion is a minimum of four properly used and documented resources from your research that support your argument and that add meaningful information to your paper.
The paper must contain a reference section listing the sources which you used in the course of your research.
It is your responsibility to proof-read the paper prior to handing it in. Poor grammar and punctuation will hurt your grade. A good idea is to ask someone else to read it because they will likely catch most of the errors that you overlook.
Keep in mind that when writing your paper, it is permissible to quote from outside sources. However, be sure that you give credit where credit is due by footnoting direct quotes. Don’t claim work as your own. Failure to use citations when appropriate will cause you to lose all credit for the paper. Be sure that you read and understand the college's Academic Honesty and Integrity Policy (see the Syllabus).
You will be graded on proper essay development and presentation, proper grammar, punctuation, sentence constructions, and spelling as well as content on the particular aspects involved in your argument and presentation.
If you submit the completed paper (no rough drafts) prior to the deadline, I will critique it for you and make suggestions as to how it can be improved. I encourage you to take advantage of this offer.
Late Work: All work must be completed by the date noted in the syllabus. There will be no credit for work turned in after the date noted in the course schedule, unless you have contacted me beforehand and explained any "special" circumstances.


Casino Gambling
Student’s Name
Institutional Affiliation
* Introduction
* Economic impact of casino gambling
* Employment opportunities in the region
* Revenue collection through taxes
* Encourage local spending
* Creation of jobs to the locals
* Improvement in Gross and Output Regional Product
* Conclusion
Casino Gambling
The economic impact of establishing a casino in Massachusetts is not limited to workers employed at the facility. This is because the employees working in the casino spend their salaries in the communities, which is crucial in improving the economic activity in the region. Governor Deval Patrick signed a bill on November 22, 2011, which expanded gaming across the Massachusetts Common Wealth. Furthermore, the casino also buys products from other companies (Peake & Motamedi, 2017). Another benefit of the casino is the fact that the local and state governments collect revenues and taxes from the casino, including other assessments which improve the spending of the government. However, studies have shown that the impact of opening up gambling facilities is not always positive. For instance, the revenue that is spent in the casino was previously spent in other establishments which imply that some firms may be negatively affected.

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