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Case Study Discussion on Freedom - Unit 4 Individual Project (Essay Sample)

Marcus and his church group have scheduled an excursion to a local shopping mall. The mall was having incredible sales, and the group often tries to do things together outside of the church functions. Because they were at the mall from 12–5 in the afternoon, they would be there during their prayer time which is 4 pm. At 4 pm, all 11 members of the group found a corner of the mall, formed a circle, and joined hands. They sat together in a large circle praying for a half hour. This caused some people to stop and stare at the group as this is not a sight seen every day in this mall. Mall security got concerned about the attention being drawn to the group, and they asked the group to get up and move along. In your paper, discuss this situation. Does the group have the freedom to worship in the mall even if it is causing a scene? Was the mall discriminating against the group? If so, why? If not, why not? source..

Case Study Discussion on Freedom
There are several issues that are becoming more apparent when we look at this narrative. Marcus and his friends set out for an excursion to the mall and when seemingly they get caught up with time at the mall they decide that they can hold their usual prayers at a corner within the precincts of the building. They are faced by the mall security who then asks them to move along due to the concern that the group is attracting.
First of all, we need to establish the intention of the group. From the information provided in the narrative we can well conclude that there is no ill motive in Marcus and group meeting in the mall (Compa, 2004). That is a fundamental point that needs to be highlighted here. We can therefore rule out ill intent in this case.
Secondly, we need to ask ourselves whether any rights, of any individual or citizen, have been infringed. Again, from this short narrative and the information provided, there seem to be no good enough reason to believe that there is any infringement of individual`s rights. This is because there seem to be a peaceful gathering at a corner somewhere with no report...
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