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Care Plan Literature & Language Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


For the assignment, construct the family and their problems you will address. You must choose the family consisting of 3 generations; for the youngest, include toddler and teenage, you may want to include vulnerable population such as pregnant person (that part can be a good start for a final project of the course).
Other specifics to include in your paper:
• Identification of each family member by race, age, and gender.
• Identification of real or potential health problems for each family member.
• Health promotion and disease prevention for each member based on family history, age, occupation, and other factors.
• Describe nursing interventions for each member and for the entire family – for example, healthy eating and nutrition may need to be a part of a family effort.
• Describe the goals and outcomes that are planned for each person and for the family.
• Discuss the availability of resources on local, county, state, and national level.


       Family Nursing Care


Grading Rubric


Points Possible

Points earned

Entire family listed with health problems of current household members or family health problems



Health risks or prevention needs based on age, occupation, family history, or other risk factors



Goals/ Evaluations/ Outcomes



Nursing interventions including teaching, observation, treatments



Recommended referrals and resources for the family



Identified ways how outcomes could be measured or monitored



Spelling, grammar, and references



APA format throughout the paper



Each day late

Minus 5










Family Nursing Care Plan
Student’s Name
Institutional Affiliation
Family Nursing Care Plan
A family nursing care plan refers to a guide that provides strategies for resolving family health-related issues. It is a holistic approach to ensuring every member is healthy by adopting effective lifestyle practices such as a balanced diet and proper nutrition, as well as knowing about pregnancy and complications related to it (Kiryu & Sato, 2019). The knowledge informs appropriate nursing interventions to ensure the optimum health of the household. To underscore the need for a family nursing care plan, I construct a fictional family, list their different health needs, and propose strategies to help them achieve better health outcomes. While every family is bound to have health-related complications, designing a healthcare plan for them not only helps to improve their health but also sensitizes them to risk factors.
Family Problems
My fictitious family comprises three generations and six family members. Mark is a 73-year-old German who is married to a 59-year-old Asian, Shireen. The couple has a 40-year-old daughter named Tracy and a 32-year old son named Tom. While he is unmarried and has no child yet, the daughter is currently three-months pregnant and has an 18-year old daughter and a three-year-old boy. Mark, the head of the family, was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. 

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