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Choose one of the below topics. Essay #2 (2500 words) will be written in MLA or APA referencing format, double spaced & 12 point font. Papers must provide evidence on how your piece provides a perspective, and suggest ways in which your thoughts illuminate the issue for others. Students to will be evaluated on research skills, writing, accurate referencing and topic discussion and the same rubric for Essay #1 will be utilized. 1. Treaties are relationship-building mechanisms that define the relationship between First Nations and Canada. They also provide historical, political, and cultural ways of understanding how different parties viewed an emerging community. Examine one treaty made in Canada's history and what was expected, agreed upon, and what ultimately happened in the evolution of the relationship between the signatories. Explore how this treaty continues to influence Canada and what our nation might look like if its fullest vision had been fulfilled. In other words: how are Canadians “treaty people”? source..

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(December 06, 2012)
Robinson Treaty Metis
Treaties are relationship and agreement mechanisms that aim at building a good and healthy environment among those who sign it. The action of signing treaties is entered under the international law and is used to show a point of agreement between parties. The signing of treaties in Canada has been used to define the relationship between the first nations and Canada. Apart from the relationship Canada`s treaties explain the historical, cultural and political understanding on how different people viewed different emerging communities. The Robinson treaty was signed in 1850 and it involved the community of the Métis heritage people, the treaty was on the settlement of this community and the signed treaty saw them settle at Thunder Bay area. The treaty of the settlement of the metis came as a result of them being the descendants of the first employees of the North West Company and the Hudson`s bay company at fort William. The Métis are said to be the first settlers of the region of Thunder Bay .in the treaty the signing is upon Robinson who represent her majesty and the second party is a group representing the Indian tribes (Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations, et al. 1998).
There is dialogue that takes place since 1849 before the treaty is signed and after the agreement of the terms and conditions the treaty is signed in 1850. The treaty that is on the land and inhabitance issue focuses on the Indian community who were long time workers of British companies and had not acquired settlement land so the treaty is a settlement deal with the company owners. The deal also looks at the rights that the tribes will have over their land and the amount of annuities that the British companies will be paying to the chief and the tribes. After the signing of the deal there is also the honoring part where the set agreements are looked into a...
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