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Canadian Identity vs. American Identity Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


Compare the Canadian novel, King Leary by Paul Quarrington as a manifestation of Canadian Identity to The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald.
750-1000 words, 6-8 paragraphs.
How the texts may be compared as examples of national identity.


This course has examined some explorations of identity primarily through the texts The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald,Macbeth by William Shakespeare and your novel choice for the Canadian Identity written by a Canadian author with a setting, at least partly, in Canada.
The final culminating assignment will involve writing an essay in which you compare your Canadian novel as a manifestation of Canadian identity to either The Great Gatsby as a manifestation of American identity or Macbeth as a manifestation of English/Scottish (or British) identity.
The essay is a formal academic piece of writing meaning that it is written in the third person and it contains no slang, jargon or contractions.
The essay should be about 750-1000 words in length. There should be about 6 to 8 paragraphs in the essay.
You are required to develop and write a clear thesis statement summarizing your views on how the two texts may be compared as examples of the national identity of the author's country (Canada and either The United States or England).
The introductory paragraph should introduce the topic of the essay (specifically mentioning the two texts to be compared). It should also include the thesis statement that will guide the entire essay. Your thesis statement should be obvious to any casual reader without actually containing a phrase such as "the thesis of this essay". The introductory paragraph should also give the reader some sort of explanation of what to expect in the coming paragraphs in terms of the specific aspects of each text you will focus on.
The essay will contain four to six body paragraphs. Each paragraph should contain a clear topic sentence for that paragraph. The topic sentence should be a statement that clearly supports some aspect of the thesis of your essay. Each body paragraph should provide specific proof on support of the topic sentence and, ultimately, the thesis of the essay. This evidence must be in the form of direct quotation from the chosen text or anecdotal description of particular events, characters or ideas etc. from the text. Each body paragraph should try to end with apt transition to the next paragraph of the essay.


The American Vs. Canadian Citizenship
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Various countries across the world have different customs that differentiate their citizens from those of other countries. An example is the differences exhibited by the citizens of Canada and those of the united states of America. This will be best described using Scotts Fitzgerald's Great Gatsby as a representation of the American citizen and Paul Quarrington's King Leary. The Great Gatsby is a story of love and betrayal whereby some of the characters die as a result of a misunderstanding (Scott, 2017). King Leary is the story of a hockey player. The actions of the characters and themes as putting across by the authors play a substantial role in bringing out the citizenship of each the people from both countries.

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