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"bureaucracy" with the public sector (Essay Sample)

This week we are looking at some important theories that form the basis of how people have understood public administration and the key challenges that public administrators face. You are strongly encouraged to watch the video entitled "The Secret Life of the Office", which presents a humorous and informative history of the two most important paradigms of administration: scientific management and human relations. Another very important observation that we need to make here is to note that many of the issues faced in public administration are not unique to the public sector but are also experienced in the private sector. Indeed, the term 'bureaucracy' is often used today as a synonym for the public service, but its original meaning was much broader - it referred to a specific type of organization, with strong emphasis on rules, hierarchy, and impersonal procedures. Max Weber's definition is the most famous, and a great starting point. Why do you think we have come to associate "bureaucracy" with the public sector? When most people hear the term "bureaucracy", they think of the reputed deficiencies of large organizations rather than the technical definition as identified above. What are these deficiencies? Are they inherent in bureaucracy? Can they be remedied? source..
Bureaucracy in public sector Name University Date Bureaucracy in public sector Bureaucracy has been associated with the public sector from its definition and reputed deficiencies. This is because bureaucracy is believed to exist in larger institutions and organizations that observe hierarchical structure. Public sector rely on a stringent chain of command in decision making and are often organized into different functional departments as opposed to private sector where decision making is done by the relevant departments with boundary less organizational structure (Wilson, 1989). Bureaucracy is also associated with the public sector because of their large nature and their ef...
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