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Bullying In Schools: Presents How Bullying Affects Children (Essay Sample)


1) Submit the speech with a title page.
2) Develop the speech based on the preparation outline.
3) create a reference list that includes any sources use to locate information
4) The response should be a minimum of two double-spaced page to a maximum of four pages in length.


Bullying In Schools
Bullying in schools
Bullying is a common practice and has been part of schooling for a long time, even though for some people bullying seems to be natural as parents argue that bullying toughness up children. However, bullying makes most children uncomfortable, for many children the act of bullying can be a terrifying experience that eventually affects their personality during adulthood. Each day children are teased taunted, either threatened or tormented by bullies, about 25 percent of Students in the US are victims while 20 percent engage in the practice (Goodstein, 2013).
This essay presents how bullying affects children; the essay also highlights how bullying has increased over the year and what we can do to stop this vice especially in schools. By creating awareness about bullying and how it affects many children, I hope that each and everyone to take the responsibility to eliminate this vice.
When children are bullied, some tend to resist while others feel overwhelmed causing many severe psychological effects that affect both the victim and the bullies' adult personalities. Most students who are bullied are likely to suffer from depression because most of the time they are withdrawn (Kowalski et al., 2012). Some eventually attempted to commit suicide. One of

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