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Bullying Experience (Essay Sample)

BULLYING EXPERIENCE PAPER Think about a bully from your youth. What age where you? Who was this person? What were his/her characteristics? What behaviors did he/she do to bully others? Why do you consider these behaviors to be bullying behaviors? Who did he/she bully? Who was this victim? What were the victim's characteristics? What were the consequences for the bully and victim? Were there bystanders? What role did they play in the bullying incidences? How do these people fit into the bully-victim information discussed in the readings? If you did not experience bullying in your youth, you may use an example from your work with children and youth. See attachment for addition instruction. source..
BULLYING EXPERIENCE Name Institution Affiliation Course Date of Submission Bullying Experience Life at Middle school signified the start of a new chapter in my life. My experience at elementally school had not been a good one in relation to my experience with bullies. I had to take a long winding path that increased the distance threefold, just to avoid bullies who hang around the roadside. I thought to myself that middle school would be different, and it surely was. Life there a great amount of more independence, that was my experience at elementary school. The feeling of being surrounded a new circle of friends was fulfilling. Many were good; however, there were some bad ones. I was in a click which was held together by some commonalities among us. We were all good friends; we stayed off the radar as much as we could, not the most popular click, and so we were not talked to much. There are many aspects of the school that I remember with fondness, like the congeniality of the teachers. The staff was great, but soon my overall fondness for the school would change to become one rough experience that prevailed for long. His name was Dwayne, my bully. Dwayne had a click of made up of some extremely mean and obnoxious friends, most of them tall, but there was one short one. I still do not remember when the tables were turned between me and Dwayne and he decided that I was no longer his friend, and I became someone that he always wanted to pick on. I was 12. I recall one of my friends whispering tom my ears that Dwayne wanted to fight me. I do not know where the contempt steamed from but soon afterwards it was confirmed to me over and over again when I learnt from my friends the things that Dwayne was saying about me. Now he even wanted me dead. I know too well why he had picked on me. Having been a victim of bullying before, I suffered from anxiety especially when confronted by bigger boys even when the...
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