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Body Language Part 2 – Communicating In A Digital World (Essay Sample)

Please click on the blog link below:
Select any four blogs and summarize them i.e. what is important and what you can/must/will do….
…in no more an 50 words for each summary.
Bullet points are allowed.


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April 5, 2017
1 Body Language Part 2 – Communicating in a digital world
1 Three V’s of communication: Visual, Verbal, and Vocal
1 All are important in our message
2 When one is lacking misinterpretation can happen
2 Among the three, Verbal is the most preferred way of communicating today
3 Every person must know how to express himself/herself with the use of syntax and grammar to express his opinions ‘verbally’
3 Nevertheless, no matter what platform you are using, what’s important is that you “develop a visual element” of how you communicate
2 Personality vs. Skill
4 Personality vs. Skill
4 Skill
1 Could be learned through time
2 Important for technical matters
5 Personality
3 Cannot be learned, it’s your ‘essence’
4 Important everywhere and everywhere
5 Imp...
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