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Bio-Research Paper-Specific Writing Convention (Essay Sample)


prompt will be uploaded on next step. three articles that I find and cannot be changed will be uploaded as well. you may use only two of these articles and find another more that must be also biology research paper more than ten pages(cannot be a review!!!)
ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT the instructors' requirements:
1. focus on only one or two conventions
2. find conventions that are distinct in bio-major. this means they might not be frequently used in other subjects.
3. analyze conventions by connecting them with intended audiences and subject characteristics.
4. must form a systematic thesis.


Bio-Research Paper-Specific Writing Convention, Conducting Analysis and Argument



Bio-Research Paper-Specific Writing Convention, Conducting Analysis and Argument

Writing bio-research papers is similar to writing other scientific disciplines except for the format. Scientific research paper format is majorly based on the scientific method used to generate the final results, the methods are consistent and applicable. Bio-scientific papers describe the specific processes used to come up with the research results, including the justification of the techniques used during the process. This allows the reader to critically evaluate the study to determine its reliability and validity.

The process used to come up with the final results is crucial, therefore, when presenting bio-research papers, the method used clearly state the reasons for choosing the procedure. The method used will affect the final results of the research findings; meaning that reliability and validity are the two writing conventions of a bio-research paper. Unreliable invalid methods will produce different results.

Scientific research papers should include replicable methods, including data gathering process, methods used for data analysis and all the study protocol like ethical consideration. A good scientific paper should answer important questions, including, how, why and what means were used to come up with the final results. The method not only answers the questions, it also shows the process of scientific practices used to generate observable results.
To understand the formatting process used by Bio-Research Paper, below is a review of three scientific articles that present the writing convention used by scientific articles. An article by Niemel

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