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Native Americans and Traditional Healing (Essay Sample)

Read the following journal article, and, after doing so, prepare a 2-3 page response to the questions that appear in the authors' case study. Your responses to these questions should clearly incorporate at least three key differences between Western and Native American medicine (as noted in Table 1 of the article). 1. Broome, B., & Broome, R. (2007). Native Americans: Traditional healing. Urologic Nursing, 27(2), 161-173. source..
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Native Americans and Traditional Healing
American Indians are the older adults while the Native Americans are the younger adults as they prefer to be called. Identification of a patient along that line is important in building a good relationship between the patient and the clinician. According to Joiner (2003) the American Indians have a strong belief in their traditions and incase a healthcare provider wants to build a good relationship between them and him, he has to respect their traditions.
As a clinician before starting my medication I have to clearly understand the kind of patient that I am treating. American Indians (AIs) while communicating to other people tell stories and use metaphors as a way describing a situation. While describing their health conditions they at times use their neighbor’s condition to imply what is affecting them hence as a healthcare giver I have to consider that as their way of communication.
That group of people has great respect to non verbal form of communication hence is important in our communication (Engel, 2003). So as to show respect to Mr. Wolf I have to avoid intense eye contacts and as well maintain a considerable physical distance between us. Since a light touch form of greetings is recommended, in all our meetings I have to ensure that I abide by that requirement. The community also requires that while speaking to them, the healthcare giver must do it in a direct and clear manner. During the conversation I have to maintain an even tone which will show Mr. Wolf that I am not aggressive.
The community still has a strong belief in traditional healers and this is as a result that most of them are not financially stable to seek the services of western medicine (Broome & Broome, 2007). The community has a very strong link between religion and medicine and view the spirit as the ...
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