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BHS365 Module 1 (Essay Sample)

Suppose that a physician, Dr. Robinson is caring for a patient, Mr. Mills who is suffering from end stage pancreatic cancer. The patient is in so much pain that he can barely speak enough to communicate the level of discomfort. Dr. Robinson considers administering morphine to Mr. Mills', but feels that there is a reasonable chance that it will shorten Mr. Mills' lifespan. Should the doctor administer the morphine or not? There are three tasks: Tasks: 1. Briefly define the ethical principle of Double Effect in your own words, and explain how it applies specifically to this scenario (1-2 paragraphs maximum). 2. Based on the stated positions of ethicists, briefly identify one argument in favor of administering the drug, and one opposing argument (1-2 paragraphs maximum). 3. Take a position on the issue, and justify that position. source..
The principle of double effect in healthcare ethics. Presented By Name Presented To Lecturer Institution Topic Date The Ethical Principle of Double Effect in Healthcare. Despite having set out guidelines and code of ethics, Physicians and medical practitioners are consistently faced with tough dilemmas in situations where it is hard to predict with clear precision on the outcome of some medical procedures. The principle of double effect refers to situations where administering a given medical procedure in an attempt to assist the patient could also have a negative outcome. In this case of Dr. Robinson the patient is in so much pain and helpless to make the decision on whether to have the morphine administered to him or not. The doctor has to therefore decide on whether to relieve his patient the suffering and pain by use of morphine or not. Using the morphine will relieve the pain but he also knows that it might shorten his patient’s life. As a doctor, Robinson should fight for and with his patient Mr. Mill. Doctors are often having a conflict with their fundamental goal of preserving life and accommodating the new concept of a pain-free-death. There is a challenge on cutting the line on what to do which is fine with all the concerned people, that is, the patient, the doctor and patient’s family. According to Krakauer (2011), human beings have an inborn desire to live and knowledge of our mortality creates a major confl...
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