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E-branding. Difference betweem China and the US/Europe. (Essay Sample)

Customer demographics – US and compare it to China The important factors on online Brand-Marketing Principles. I need to have some research information on how the customer demographics is different between the US and China. In addition, what factors will make online brand marketing importance. I don't think you can find much about online branding for China, but please do find the best practices for online branding in the US and Europe. Please identify the missing materials that we could fill for the Chinese market. source..

E-branding. Difference between China and the US/Europe
Technology has embraced the world and every country are doing its best way possible to become the best competitive in the world. U.s and China are known to be the most competitive countries in the worlds, and they do their best to see that they hare the super powers and have dominion over other countries when it comes to technology. China, U S and Europe are developed countries, and they are moving at an alarming rate when it comes to technology, and this has also affected customer demographic the E-branding process hence making different in each country. This paper seeks to look at the e-branding differences between China Us and Europe, compare customer demographic between the two nations, vital factors on online branding-market principles as well look at the customer demographic betwixt China and US (Fan, 2011).
The world economy is changing, and it`s moving towards experience as the place to different and claim economic value. Internet has made it possible for consumers to demand a better experience which is more personally rewarding, more emotionally gratifying and one that simplify their lives. The economic values are raising from commodities -products-services and experience, and this has made every nation fight for the first position hence try to provide the best services possible and win the consumers trust.
E-branding can be termed as creation and development of communications strategies specifically for brands to have meaning and context on the web. China and US being the developed nations as well the fast moving it technology has different ways of e-branding which make it possible to secure customers in different ways hence leaving the traditional way of branding which does not suit the web way of branding.
Although commercial internet has been around for over a decade, and a vast amount of practitioner and scholarly literature on internet marketing activities of firms has accumulated, relatively little empirical work has been undertaken on the branding strategies of internet companies. From a global branding perspective the international aspects of such e-branding activities have received even less systematic research attention (Weinstein, 1994). Traditionally, branding is associated with creating value through the provision of a compelling offer and customer experience that keep satisfied customers coming back.
This explains its dominant perception as a source of companywide benefits, including enhanced competitiveness, differentiated corporate products and services` profile, increased equity and greater customer loyalty. Companies that excel in creating favorable emotional associations with their customers, through effective branding, typically gain a strong market share and an enhanced and sustainable competitive advantage, which generally provide a firm basis for future growth.
It is arguably the case, however, that...
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