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Being Canadian in the 21st century (Essay Sample)

For This unit you will write a personal essay or an expository one. if your selected special project for unit 4 is more personal than expository, we suffer that you do an expository essay here. if your selected special project for unit 4 is more expository than personal, we suffer that you do a personal essay here. in either case, you should use at least two documented sources in writing this assignment. Preparing for Assignment 5 read chapter 8 and 9 in the rhetoric. also look over chapters 18 and 19 on how to find, use , and document sources. you may notice that your textbook and this guide use a mixed documentation style, as does the research essay by dorothy williams in the reading file, for your assignments, use either MLA or APA style, as illustrated in chapter 19 and in the wrting samples in part III of this guide. Using sources in personal essays you may question the idea of using a source or sources in personal writing, since the personal essay is commonly understood to be informal whereas reseach methods and documentation techniques are associated with more formal, scholarly styles. despite the general truth of this distinction, many personal essays use footnotes or in text citations. with inceasing use of first person in various academic fieldes, this trend is becoming more widespead. in a personal essay reflecting on her experinence as a native in predominantly white educational programs, writer Anna Marie Sewell refers to a research essay by her sister Catherine Sewell, then head of native student services at the university of alberta. the reference is marked by a superscript 1 ; at the end of sewells personal essay, her sister academic essay is documented as follows all the instrcutions all on page 101 to 106 which i will scan it and attached it and chapter 8 and 9 i will also scan it . source..
Being Canadian in the 21st century Name: Institution: Date: Canada’s southern neighbor the USA has overshadowed the nation in terms of economic and political influence in the world in the 19th and 20th century. Even with a smaller population, the country has embrace multiculturalism unlike America, and this is a widely accepted concept in the country (Stoddard, 2012). At the heart of the definition of the Canadian identity is the Charter adopted in 1982, which spells out the political and civil rights, guaranteed for every Canadian citizen, with all being equal before the law. In spite of shared culture with other Anglo majority nations, Canada has its unique culture characterized by expressions and symbols only found in Canada. In addition, both English and French are official languages in Canada. Essentially, in defining the Canadian identity in the 21st century, it is vital to look into the historical evolution of the nation in terms of demographic trends. Like many countries in the Americas, immigration patterns have influenced the demographic makeup of the country as well as the culture. Before there was colonization in Canada, indigenous aborigines inhabited the country, with some languages being mutually intelligible but there was no unity as people of one nation. The British and French colonization and settlement in the country led to the emergence of three distinct people the Englishmen, French and aborigines. With time, the British descended people emerged as the dominant group in the country, but the French culture persisted and there was recognition that the three cultures all have had great impact in the country’s history. Nonetheless, with the passage of the Charter all Canadians have equal rights regardless of their origins and culture (Stoddard, 2012). Legally, Canadian citizenship occurs through birth or by taking an oath of citizenship after fulfilling the requisite conditions including taking a Citizenship test and living in the country for three years or more. Nonetheless, being a Canadian in the 21s century extends from simply living in the country to espousing the ideals set by the constitution. Thus, Canadians must live within the threshold of the constitution as well as respect the opinion of other people as freedom of expression is enshrined in the constitution. With the advent of globalization, and increase in immigration into the country, there is increased diversity in the country than ever before. This calls for unity in the country, and political participation allows communities to have a say in policymaking. It would appear that Canadian national identity in the 21st century is inconceivable in comparison to America’s display of national identity. The reasons for this include the fact that Canada is a large country with diverse geographical features, but with a low population density. Furthermore, Canadians do not openly express their national identity, but in reality being Canadian is ...
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