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Baseball Or Softball Comparison And Contrast (Essay Sample)


You have to write an essay sample on Baseball Or Softball Comparison And Contrast


Baseball or Softball Comparison and Contrast
Baseball is an aggressive sport and is mainly played by men. However, there is also a sport known as softball, which is primarily played by women. Baseball and softball are different sports but are similar in numerous ways. This essay will compare and contrast baseball and softball by highlighting the differences and similarities between the two. If you have no idea of what baseball or softball entail, this essay will help you better understand both sports, which are very interesting to watch.
Baseball is a male-dominated sport. As reported by Sports Nation, baseball was created by Alexander Cartwright in 1845. Softball is a female-dominated sport. Softball was created by George Hancock in1887. Many individuals may ask, “What is one the main difference between baseball and softball?” To answer this question, we must compare and contrast both sports to determine what their similarities and differences are.
Both baseball and softball are enjoyable sports, and they provide a good work out. In softball, a special type of pitching known as “windmill” is involved. The “windmill” is an underarm pitch. In baseball, the type of pitching involved is the over-hand pitching technique. Many people wonder, “Is a softball harder than a baseball?

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