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Atomic Bomb & Manhattan Project (Essay Sample)

Focus your arguments for and not against. This essay will require several steps. The first step is to research the topic of whether the United States was right or wrong in dropping atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. To do so, you will visit the following website. http://www(dot)lib(dot)washington(dot)edu/subject/History/vl/1940s/ Scroll down the page to Major Events – Atomic Bomb & Manhattan Project. Beneath this header be sure to click on both Atomic Bomb Decision and Decision to Drop the Atomic Bomb (Truman Library). From this point on you will have to find information and details that both support the use of Atomic weapons on Japan and condemn it. Take detailed notes so that you can compare the two contrasting opinions. Before you begin your rough draft, construct a Venn diagram that will help organize the ideas and supporting details you will use in your essay. You actual essay will need to be at least six paragraphs. Use the Block technique you learned from the reading assignment to structure your paragraphs. Suggestions for organizing the essay  The introduction should include background information about the topic. For instance, you may want to discuss the crisis which opened the door for the possible use of atomic weapons in the closing days of W.W.II.  The introduction should also include general statements that summarize the contrasting opinions on the subject.  Construct at least 4 body paragraphs. Each one should contain a concrete topic sentence followed by supporting details from your research.  Follow each body paragraph with an opposing one…For/Against/For/Against.  The concluding paragraph will be the best! Here you can explain which argument makes the most sense to you. Explain the logic which has led you to make this decision. source..

Atomic Bomb & Manhattan Project
Professor Name:
(June 04, 2012)
The Debate of the Use of Atomic Bombs by America during the Second World War
The debate on the American bombings of Nagasaki and Hiroshima normally concerns the legal, ethical and military controversies which surrounded the entire ordeal on 6th August of 1945. In the real sense, the two bombings brought the war to a halt. Various individuals called upon Japan to surrender or face very quick and utter destruction. These individuals included the American president at the man Harry Truman and other people. Thus, there exist various arguments concerning the justification of the bombing (Piehler & Pash, 2010).
On those who agree with the bombings, the bombing ensured the end of the war. The Second World War was an affair which was gruesome. The war brought many sufferings and death to humanity. This unprecedented crisis needed an end for it to guarantee a seal for the closure of the event. Actually, during the war, boundaries never existed when it came to combat. The slogan was to be killed or kill. Both American marines and soldiers should not have continued to die in controversial lands simply because some people thought that it was too much to make use of nuclear weapons. In addition, in case the allies had been compelled to invade Japan, this would have proved to be very expensive to both the Japanese population and them. Also, it was very likely for Japan to be divided between America and USSR in the same case as East/West Germany and North/South Korea. Because the atomic bombing put all these to an end, this was ultimately the appropriate thing to do (Genovese, 2010).
The other important justification for the bombing was that it justified many other certain events. Actually, the bombings killed many people. On the contrary, these people had been working in the production of weapons to dryers. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were the areas of production for Japan. As mentioned, the bombings saved many lives of the American soldiers and those who intended d to join the war. It was possible that the war would have continued for another one year incase America failed to illustrate what it could do to indicate its powerfulness. Supposing the bombing never took place, there could have been the continuation of new threats to America from both Jap...
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