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Assignment 9 Watergate Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


POL 102.03: ASSIGNMENT 9 Presidential Politics DUE: 5PM SUNDAY April 21 2019 Please complete the following assignment and upload it to Blackboard. TASK: One of the biggest scandals in American presidential history is Watergate. Watergate was a pivotal movement in American politics and led to the resignation of President Richard Nixon. Watergate involved issues of campaigning, impeachment, press freedom, public opinion, and conspiracy theories – many of these things are still relevant today! For this assignment you are to listen to Season 1 of the popular podcast Slow Burn. This podcast is produced by Slate and it goes in depth on what really happened during Watergate, and how it has affected presidential politics since. Note, the podcast has a bunch of bonus episodes which you are not required to listen to – just the 8 main episodes. Each episode is around 30 minutes so you will not be able to leave this assignment to the last minute. When listening to the podcast, don’t worry too much about memorizing every detail, just listen to it as you would any podcast and then answer the questions below (just so I know you actually did it). The podcast can be found on any podcast app (just search Slow Burn and you want to listen to Season 1). You can also find it at the following link: https://slate(dot)com/slow-burn QUESTIONS: 1. Before you listened to the podcast, had you heard about Watergate before? Did you know what it was about? Did you have any opinions on it? 2. For each of the 8 episodes, write a 1-3 sentence summary of what you learned/what you found interesting. a. Episode 1: Martha b. Episode 2: The Defeat of Wright Patman c. Episode 3; A Very Successful Cover-Up d. Episode 4: Lie Detectors e. Episode 5: True Believers f. Episode 6: Rabbit Holes g. Episode 7: Saturday Night h. Episode 8: Going South 3. Finally, after listening to this podcast, do you feel like you now have a better understanding of Watergate? Do you think anything they discussed in the podcast is relevant to present day politics? Why/why not?


Assignment 9
Institutional Affiliation
Question 1
Yes, I had heard about Watergate before listening to the podcast. Watergate was a political scandal in the 1970s that marred the second term of President Richard Nixon. The scandal started with five men breaking into the Democratic National Committee headquartered at the Watergate complex office, orchestrated by President Nixon’s re-election committee. The thieves stole secret documents owned by the Democratic Party and planted bugs in their office phones. President Nixon went to great lengths to cover up the crime through bribery, dirty tricks, bugging opponents’ offices and abuse of presidential powers before resigning in 1974. In my opinion, Watergate was the worst political scandal in the history of the United States as it shook the foundation of trust, independence, and integrity in the leadership of the country.
Question 2

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