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Information Literacy Ashford University Library Experience (Essay Sample)


Information Literacy—Ashford University Library Experience
[WLOs: 3, 4] [CLOs: 3, 4]
Knowing how to thoroughly research a topic is extremely important while achieving your education. You may be asked to support your information with peer-reviewed scholarly resources, but how can you find this type of resource? The Ashford University Library allows you to search through different avenues to find the requested types of resources. You can narrow your search by the author, year published, title, subject, and by indicating what type of resource you are looking for. You even have access to a librarian if you need some guidance in finding more resources on your topic.
In a two- to three-paragraph response with each paragraph consisting of five or more sentences,
Describe your experiences using resources, including concerns encountered when conducting academic research through the Ashford University Library. (Areas of concern may include developing a research strategy, using the search function within a database, or evaluating sources.)
Explain how using the Ashford University Library has improved your experience in conducting research.
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Ashford University Library Experience
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The Ashford University library is one of those few databases where numerous books, journals, and other study materials remain available for students. Some years ago, when I started using this library, I had no idea of how to get the best of the database. It was too complicated for me to look for relevant documents. For my research-based projects, I used to look for books, journals and other study materials at multiple databases as the Ashford University library had a short of helping materials or resources. Today, the library has tremendously grown, and I consider it the only way to find valuable information within seconds. When it comes to looking for subject-related materials, I do not go anywhere but turn to the Ashford University library as it provides me with the best options. Using the Advanced Search tool, it becomes easy for me to navigate through different categories and tabs and find relevant materials within seconds.
Some of the best library tools are Library Webinars, Tutorials, Research Guides and Quick Answers. Library Webinars are a set of exciting events that take place twice per month. Every attendee can interact with the community members through a centralized chat system. The topics discussed during these events always help me boost my confidence, developed excellent research skills, organize my study and research, and learn a lot of new things. Similarly, Ashford University’ Libr

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