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ASA reading reflection week1 Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


Please write a reading reflection for this article. (200-300words)
Shirley Hune. “Fight the Tower: Women of Color in Academia Manifesto ix Prologue: Taking Action: Asian American Faculty against Injustices in the Academy.”
Connect your lived experience to the theme of the week and provide your reaction to and analysis of at least one reading from that week. Professor may on occasion have a question you are to incorporate as well.
Entries should be about a paragraph long (or 200-400 words).
Link at least one audio or visual addition. Provide at least one question you have about the reading(s) or topic.
Check for grammar and typos.
Include a reference section. Make sure you cite sources (APA format) in your entry, including the addition of images and audio.


ASA Reading Reflection Week 1
Student Name
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ASA Reading Reflection Week 1
In our Week 1, we read Shirley Hune's "Fight the Tower: Women of Color in Academia Manifesto ix Prologue: Taking Action: Asian American Faculty against Injustices in the Academy" and I enjoyed every single bit of the reading. To me, the reading was an eye opener as it left me thinking about the representation of Asian Americans in the society and different groups. Our campus is very diverse since there is a high number of Asian Americans, but this does not reflect the real situation in the society. On a closer look, the ethnic diversity among the professors is limited. During my time at the campus, I have been taught by only 6 professors despite taking 32 classes. All the professors are female and only one out of the 6 is Asian America. I would also say that she is the first Asian American teacher

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