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Artical rebuttal: Power of Social Media (Essay Sample)

Locate an article on a controversial subject where the author makes an argument you do not agree with. Write a 700 word rebuttal to the article using valid arguments and supporting data. In the rebuttal offer an analysis in which you do the following. Analyze the reliability credibility and validity of the data used by the author Identity any logical fallacies in the argument. Use ms word and format your paper consistent with apa guide lines. Include at least 2 external sources in body of paper. The last paper I requested was ridiculed with run on sentances and wordiness ill be getting this just in time for deadline so please do best possible would love to continue service. Thanks!! Last time it was sent right to my downloads to ms office cool? source..

Power of Social Media
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Social media are a platform where people can interact through the use of various means that are technologically driven. Social media has advanced from time to time since its inception almost a decade and half ago with new improvements emerging on an upward trend. Generally, the world has become a place where the human race can interact by exchanging ideas, views and information from far reaching ends through social media interaction (Al-Deen, 2012). The emergence of computer technology has both advantages and disadvantages on the users especially children and students within learning institutions. Some of the commonly used social media applications by these children and students for interaction include twitter, facebook and tagged among other social sites. This paper; therefore opposes the authors view regarding the article "The Benefits of Kids Joining a Social Network" by providing various ways in which the use of media affect learners negatively. Moreover, it finalizes with some conclusion of the main points that will be discussed.
In her article," The Benefits of Kids Joining a Social Network" Mary Kay states that social media provides many advantages to children. In her view, children acquire skills digitally as most of the notes and learning materials are available in the internet. They are able to learn how to perform technological skills such as uploading or downloading information from internet sites. However, (Al-Deen, 2012) disagree with the author's view because of several reasons. For instance, due to technological advancements and generational change, kids of these modern times are innovative and capable of exploring the internet. They access information in the internet that is explicit in nature. Eventually, children emulate deviant behaviors they see through the internet considering the fact that the internet contains a variety of information. For instance, they access pornographic materials that affect them socially and mentally as some are to...
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