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Are We Racist? Literature & Language Essay Research (Essay Sample)


This is the link to the document that needs to be analyzed.


Critical Essay is worth 30% Objective This Critical Analysis Essay requires you to identify, discuss, and evaluate good or bad argument patterns in one of these documentary films: Covid-19: Pandemic, Fear and Precautions Are we Racist? To help you choose between the documentaries you can review the links on Moodle that bring you directly to the sources. Note: The first link (Covid-19) requires you to log in with your York Passport. Everyone should be able to view this video, no matter where you are geographically. The second link (Are we Racist?) takes you directly to the source’s website because the York library link is currently broken. You may not all be able to access this video depending on where you are geographically. Though this essay is critical in nature (GRM! Chapter 13), it has elements of expository writing (WP Chapter 4) and argumentative writing too (both GRM! and WP address argumentative writing). Your essay should demonstrate that you know the argument(s) being made in the video, and that you can evaluate them. Be able to respond to the argument(s) critically, not argumentatively. What you think about wearing masks or BLM , or any other topic, is not what this essay should document; it is an evaluation of the views espoused in the video, not an opinion piece. Remember to be clear and concise. This entails that you choose what is important to include in your essay, given your thesis, and you drop other unrelated critical thoughts. Instructions Here is a step-by-step guide to succeeding in writing in this essay. Research for essay: (1) watch the video (2) roughly diagram its arguments so that you understand them (3) analyze all the arguments as fully as you can by uncovering argument schemes and/or fallacies Liberal Arts & Professional Studies Department of Philosophy Course Title: Techniques of Persuasion Course Code: AP/MODR 1770 6.0A Term: SU 2020 2 (4) choose the schemes/fallacies you want to write a paper about (aim for 2). When you make this decision there should be some theme or connection that would prompt you to discuss the arguments together in an essay (5) analyze the schemes/fallacies with principle(s) of argumentation; you can also bring in ARS, bias, or another course concept if it is applicable to your analysis (6) develop a critical thesis that ties together your analyses (7) How do the arguments presented relate to something outside of the film (e.g. social distancing; media; health issues; Black Lives Matter; carding in the GTA; employment equity; land acknowledgements; defunding the police; etc.). The discussion should not be anecdotal/personal in nature. (8) start writing your essay Write essay: (9) use the template provided on Moodle to organize your ideas (10) write a draft of your essay (11) edit your draft You can’t possibly include all of your observations and analyses in one essay - you have to choose and be quite specific about what your paper addresses. Here are some general examples of essay topics: - an essay about strong generalizations made in a film/article, with connection to fulfilling the burden of proof and truth seeking principle. - an essay about arguments with irrelevant premises (e.g. appeal to popularity and twowrongs reasoning), and how they show an arguer violating the fallibility principle. - an essay about ad hominems, in connection with a lack of relevant rationale (R condition), violation of the respect principle, and slanting by distortion. - an essay that addresses both vague concepts and emotional appeals, in connection with a failure to seek the truth and the need for audiences to suspend judgment on an issue accordingly. - Etc. Etc. Etc. - Above are just general examples. They show you the choices that need to be made when organizing and presenting a strong analysis of a film’s arguments. A good practice to accomplish this task: analyze the documentary as FULLY as you can, and then work with your best ideas (i.e your strongest analyses). Follow the APA guide for citations and style formatting. You should be citing the film when you summarize a part of it, and you should be citing CORRECT sources of the course concepts you use (e.g. Groarke & Tindale, Battersby, etc.). Do not do any outside research unless it helps with step 7. An essay template is provided on Moodle for your planning convenience. If you would like to discuss your essay with the instructor, fill out the essay template and make an appointment with the instructor on Moodle (see the Scheduler). It is that template that will guide the discussion. 3 How is the essay being assessed? Out of 100 marks Essay Component Note: 20 Title + Introduction + Critical Thesis Your analyses need to all prove your critical thesis. 10 Accurate/relevant summary of video 40 Scheme/Fallacy Analysis 20 Use Argument Principle(s), to help bolster your scheme/fallacy analysis. Include other course concepts if they connect with the fallacies and principles you 10 Grammar, Style, Works Cited, Word Count, etc. Logistics: • You are expected to submit your assignment by Tuesday August 11. If you upload your essay by August 11, then you will get feedback with your essay grade. • If you don’t make this deadline, there will be another link available. If your essay is submitted by August 17 it will be graded. There will be no feedback and no late penalty. • If you upload your paper between August 18 and 24, it will be graded on a P/F basis (the mark will be 0 or 50; to get a 50 you need to meet the criteria of this essay). • Your essay should be typed, double-spaced, 1 inch margins, 12 point font. Aim for 1200 words - with an absolute maximum word count of 1300 words. Edit your essay so that you do not exceed the maximum word length. If you can’t do this, ask someone to help you edit your paper. • Like any other discipline (e.g. science), there are rules that guide academic writing. Follow the APA style guide for citations and formatting. A title page is not necessary. Links to citing sites are available on Moodle for your reference. • When you are ready to submit your essay, go to our Moodle site and upload your essay under the link titled, “Critical Essay.” Please save it as either a .doc or .pdf. Other files attachments may not be accepted. Common Mistakes to Avoid: - Don’t forget to add a relevant title to your paper (i.e. avoid a generic title like “Analysis”). 4 - Follow the word count (i.e. do not think that more is better); keep in mind that provides instructors with a word count after the paper is uploaded. - Link every analysis you make back to your thesis. - Use paragraphs to separate ideas. Indent your paragraphs. - Review your paper for grammar mistakes (e.g. know the difference between than/then, your/you’re, their/there/they’re). - Keep your eye on the prize: it is your goal to show that you can evaluate some aspect(s) of the film with schemes/fallacies and argument principle(s) (and other concepts that help strengthen your fallacy analysis), so avoid long summaries.


Critical Essay
This documentary follows the respect principal where in the lives of the central characters are offered their right to their own perspectives, the argument made is somehow does not follow the fallibility principle. It gives impression that the documentary wants to show and find racism wherever even in small gestures. But instead of suspending judgment the documentary outright shows a clear indication of being biased and being strong willed in there cause of highlighting racism racism. In my opinion it also violates the principle of charity as it does not properly address situations in a realistic way. The situations are made more dramatic and emotional.
My general perspective of that documentary is that it uses a strong scheme that stains the perspective of the view were even before he or she starts to watch the documentary. Is riddled with hasty generalization’s and the intent behind the documentary is hinted with a questionable cause. From this the documentary appeals to the ignorance of the viewers. Quick to create a perspective that paints the opinions of people. All their policy is just in the documentary are false analogies and appeal to fear. Even at the end of the documentary it uses appeal to pity so that the worst will be enticed and that they will also be convinced of the patient presented in the documentary

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