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Module 1 Writing Assignment: Antisocial Behavior. Literature Essay (Essay Sample)


Module 1 Writing Assignment: 3-page essay on the sense of place in your community.
For the essay, write about your personal experience in a particular place. This is not an exercise in history--it’s not about an experience you had three years ago in your high school. It is about a new experience specifically for this assignment and you must go out into your community. You should select a specific building (not your home), block, neighborhood, park, street, etc., in your community to visit and experience for this assignment. You should spend 2-3 hours there (either all at one time or in several small visits).
Each of the additional readings suggest different approaches to writing about experiences in place. Lynda Morgenroth describes how her experiences in Boston’s various neighborhoods shaped her relationship to place and community attachment. Yi-Fu Tuan’s article “Place: An Experiential Perspective,” suggests several other approaches that involve the different scales of place (e.g., from a bed, to home, to city and region). Finally, bell hooks describes her life growing up as a black girl in rural Kentucky in the 1960s, her educational and teaching career, and her return to her Kentucky home.
Be sure to read the additional reading before getting out into your community. This will help you take notes and may help organize your thoughts. Whatever your approach, make sure the essay is organized around a central thesis, is filled with vivid descriptive details and focused on a personal experience of a particular place.
See the paper format for guidelines. Reminder: The essay must be saved as a PDF and attached to the assignment at HuskyCT. Essays will lose points if they're not in the proper format. If your essay is saved in another format, there’s no guarantee that I’ll be able to open in and therefore you will not receive a grade. See the syllabus for the late assignment policy.
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Antisocial Behavior
Antisocial Behavior
I walk the streets of New York and they are bursting with life. The people all seem to be in hurry to get to someplace. It is quite interesting watching how busy we have become on the streets and imagining that this what our lives have become (Kentucky is My Fate, 2018). The level of interaction is down to the glances that people use ones in a while, as they walk around looking like they are chasing after an illusionary ghost.
On my first day, I choose to sit in the park watching how people interact with one another. This is supposed to be the place where everyone is easy and finds some element of peace. Or so I think. It is a place where people can find time to interact with one another and chat about things they found fascinating about life and connect at a rather intimate level. At the park, it is interesting to note that most of the people that are on the benches are busy on their phones, tablets and personal computers (Carvajal, 2007). 

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