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Answer test questions. Literature & Language Assignment (Essay Sample)


1. What is interpellation, and how does it work? Provide your own example of interpellation as you discuss the concept.

2. Explain the process of Encoding/Decoding using specific examples of your choice from ONE (1) course narrative.
3.Identify and explain TWO (2) characteristics of Orality as identified by Ong.
4.Marshall McLuhan argued that “the medium is the message.” Explain this statement clearly, using your own examples to support your explanation.
5. In class we discussed meaning potentials, and how meaning is never fixed. Using one example from one of the course narratives, explain how a cultural artifact can have multiple meanings and/or change in meaning over time (even though the actual artifact itself never changes).
fill out this, and put this answer in new page.

1. In narrative studies, ( ) analysis describes the examination of how narrative events are ordered in relation to time
a) Syntagmatic
b) Plot
c) Paradigmatic
d) Semiotic

2. ( ) refers to the chronological sequence of events in a narrative.
a) Narrative voice
b) Plot
c) Narrator
d) Story

3. In the basic narrative structure, the central events of the narrative are initiated by( ) .
a) The Villain
b) The Disruptive Force
c) The Addressee Internal
d) The Authorial voice

4. According to Walter Ong, ritual, formula, and repetition depersonalize oral narratives, turning such narratives into a form of( )。
a) Myth
b) Folktale
c) Autonomous Discourse
d) Tragedy

5. Vladimir Propp argues that in folktales _________ often takes credit for the hero’s actions or becomes the hero’s rival and tries to marry the princess.
a) The Villain
b) The Donor
c) The False Hero
d) The Father

6. Like folktales, myths use entertainment to explain and contextualize the world, but also to reinforce and reaffirm the values, ideologies, and knowledge of a particular culture as common sense; that is, they have( ) function.
a) A Sociological
b) An Economic
c) A Pedagogical
d) A Teleological

7. In narrative analysis, a rule or method set up by custom or agreement is referred to as a ____________ .
a) Structure
b) Function
c) Convention
d) Paradigm

Do NOT write about any book, article, or film/video in MORE THAN ONE (1) answer. Any subsequent question using a text that has already been referenced before will receive an automatic grade of zero. No exceptions.


Test Questions
Institutional Affiliation:
Test Questions
What is interpellation, and how does it work? Provide your own example of interpellation as you discuss the concept.
Interpellation refers to the ideologies developed and normalized by human beings naturally through different aspects of society such as culture (Buckland, 2017). Through the process of interpellation, individuals can thus encounter ideas, continually accept them and eventually integrate them as their own values. In most cases, such ideologies such as identity encourage people to accept them from an early age. Therefore, as an individual develops, he/she becomes accustomed to such an identity since it is emphasized by society.
An example of interpellation regarding gender roles is the idea that males are dominant and providers in society. On the other hand, females are perceived to be primary caregivers and the more moderate gender. Such societal perceptions are shown in a variety of aspects of daily life hence continuously propagating such notions to the stage where they are widely accepted globally. However, personality traits vary in different individuals despite gender. Therefore, while such notions of gender roles may not be true for several cases, they are still regarded as the norm.
Explain the process of Encoding/Decoding using specific examples of your choice from ONE (1) course narrative.
Any type of communication requires the transmission of information or messages from the sender to a receiver. Encoding refers to the process through which messages may be turned into a mode of communication (Hall, 1980). 

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