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Annotated Bibliography Subject Matter Social Justice (Injustice) Essay (Essay Sample)


Guidelines: Annotated Bibliography Subject Matter - Social Justice (Injustice)
Simply stated an annotated bibliography is - a summary of articles, books, and/or articles with authors' Citations. After citing the author, you annotate the author which simply means; to summarize in your own words what each author has written on the subject matter. Each explanation (summary) is generally 150 descriptive and evaluative words written in one short paragraph. the purpose of annotating is to inform your audience/reader an accurate account of the subject's relevance with quality cited sources.
This assignment involves searching and thoroughly reading a minimum of three (3) scholarly resources on "Social Justice" and annotating each as defined above.
1. Search for scholarly articles on Social Justice and read them thoroughly to decern which of the above perspective they are written from.
2. Select 3 - one that represents each of the 3 research perspectives - objective, constructive, transformative. Write the annotative bibliography that includes the following information in your notation.
An initial Introduction: Provide a brief introduction to the topic of Social Justice that includes the context of the research, your interests/role in the process and any other information that may be helpful for the reader to understand why you selected these particular articles.
Summary: A short paragraph summary that captures the key points from each author. A brief summary helps you keep the essential content of the reading clear and available.
Evaluation/Critique: Here you want to analyze the sources, the author's credentials, position, and/or bias on the topic and what makes this source valuable to your work.
Analysis: Briefly critique each author/article with others you found. In doing so you might identify the differences in research approaches, differences in perspectives, or approaches taken by each author.
APA format with 12-point.
DO NOT SEPARATE authors cite from initial summary. You may continue on next page but only after you cite author and begin writing portion of your summary.
Reference page should be a separate page, not just a different paragraph from last summary.



Annotated Bibliography Subject Matter Social Justice (Injustice)
This paper presents research on the issues of the social justice system. The US is home to about 5% of the global population as well as ј of its prisoners. The Americans conditionally relate black faces with criminals, thereby dehumanizing the whole race. The paper shall also present the nonviolent actions to address the system’s racism as well as reorganize the adverse framework of the social justice system. Further, the research shall look at the efforts that promote rehabilitation as well as restorative justice options to imprisonment like the default punitive method.
Issues of the Social Justice System
Mauer, M. (2004). Race, class, and the development of criminal justice policy. Review of Policy Research, 21(1), 79-92. Retrieved from
The author presents the massive racial inequalities in the social justice system and how race, together with class, impact criminal justice police. Mauer also presents that numerous areas of the framework are racially presented. He presents a few details of the initial punitive crime policies that indicate race to be the main factor in responding to crime issues.
This source shall be significant to this research since it presents the prevalent race issues in the system.

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