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Annotate Your Bibliography (Essay Sample)

Topic: Walt Disney Write an Annotated Bibliography A bibliography is a list of the resources used by an author or speaker to prepare a paper or speech. In an annotated bibliography each resource on the list is followed by a summary of the resource. The Assignment Annotate at least three of the scholarly resources you used to explore your Informative Speech topic. Prepare an annotated bibliography. Each bibliographic citation should include the title of the resource, the author's name, the publisher, the date of publication, and the location of the publisher or where you found it. Each summary of a resource must be completed in one paragraph of five to seven sentences, and one of the 5-7 sentences should be a thesis statement. Check this APA style guide for an acceptable format for the annotated bibliography. source..
Walter Disney the person Student Name: Institution Mosley, L. (2007) Disney's World: A Biography. New York: Scarborough House. The book talks about the life history of Walter Disney. Mosley declares that Disney left a lot to be desired during his short life. He outlines that Disney was born in 1901 in Chicago’s Tripp Avenue. His father was an Irish-Canadian while the mother was German-American. He got married to Lillian Disney. Together they had a daughter Marie Disney Diana. They also adopted another baby girl. Mosley says that Disney achieved a lot during his life. He was an entertainer, an entrepreneur, a screenwriter, film producer, director, voice actor, an animator, a philanthropist amongst many others. He died in 1966. Mosley concludes that Disney was an international icon. Thomas, B. (2005). Disney's art of animation. New York: Hyperion. In this book, Thomas talks about Walter Disney’s contribution to the fiel...
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