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Analyzing: Willy the dreamer (Essay Sample)

I need to anaylze a story picture but there are format for the analyzing, so I need to analyze in deep every certain details in the picture. I\'m going to upload the format and picture please consider that I\'m a teacher candidate and I need academic words and depth meaning. This is the book discription This is a stunning Willy book with spectacular, surreal paintings - by one of the most acclaimed of all picture book artists. Willy loves to dream. He dreams that he's a film star, a sumo wrestler, a ballet dancer, a painter, an explorer, a famous writer, a scuba diver...Sometimes he dreams that he can't run but he can fly. He dreams he's a giant or he's tiny, a beggar or a king, in a strange landscape or all at sea. He dreams of fierce monsters and super heroes, of the past and, sometimes, the future. Willy's dreamland is a gallery of amazing and magical pictures, each one magnificently executed and packed with bananas and slyly surreal details that cannot fail to intrigue and delight. The pictures pay homage to famous paintings by the likes of Dali, Magritte and Henri Rousseau, as well as film and book characters and much more. source..

Willy the dreamer
The visual representation of colors in the painting shows that Willy is an adventurous boy who loves to experiment. His clothes are of different colors, but the bow tie and the trouser have different shades of green. It is clear from the colors used that he is also organized; the sculpture painting has one color, in contrast to the paintings in the background which use a variety of colors. The use of symmetry and different colors also makes the painting seem real. The background shows that Willy is a keen painter with other paintings, covering the wall, but the sculpture painting is the most prominent.
The linguistic design of the painting shows that the painter used Willy as a representation of family relations, whereby Willy is painting a figure that resembles him. The banana symbolizes that Willy clearly likes bananas because the size of the banana. There is local coherence from top to bottom as the act of painting and surrounding paintings dominate the scene. There is a global coherence structure as there is a clear pattern whereby the environment provides inspiration for painting.
The gestural design of the painting seems as though there is a power relation with the painting. Willy maintains distance; he is not too close to the painting it is as if it represents someone older than him, or having authority. Willy’s facial expressions a are that of a serious person, but the sculpture painting looks down as if it is someone who is giving orders or instructing another person on what to do.
The painting...
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