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Analysis of Societal Construct (Essay Sample)


The assigned reading/viewing background materials for Module 1 included such thoughts, words, ideas, and/or concepts as poverty, non-profit, philanthropy, giving, happiness, charity, champion, altruism, and community.
Select two or more of these societal constructs in which you see some sort of connection. For example, how is philanthropy connected to community… happiness connected to giving… or poverty connected to community?
In a well-organized and well-supported essay, discuss where, how, and why that connection exists in our society today. Be sure to provide specific examples to support your point of view, perhaps your own experience in your community, at work, or through your own pursuits. On the other hand, maybe you do not see a connection between many of these concepts, while there should be. In this case, an essay might address ways in which society needs to improve as we consider ways to find connections between these concepts and societal constructs.


Analysis of Societal Construct
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Analysis of Societal Construct
Societal construct is a concept or idea developed and upheld by a society based on its collective views of things. It is a convention or social phenomenon which originates from within and is nurtured by a particular social group which is contrary to concepts that exist inherently. This paper aims to discuss the connection between happiness and giving; the relationship between poverty and the community; and how philanthropy is connected to the community.
The connections between happiness and giving
There are things in life with the inherent ability to stimulate pleasure and create a good rapport. Gifts are one of them. Children, for example, are usually very excited when they are presented with wrapped gifts even before knowing what is contained therein. As one grows, it becomes thrilling to give someone a present just like it used to feel when receiving the present as a kid CITATION JOH14 \l 1033 (HALTIWANGER, 2014). People learn as they grow up that the joy of making others happy supersedes everything. There is an enigmatic feeling of satisfaction that a person gets when they see people responding with a pure expression of happiness when unwrapping a present. The feeling that one gets when they put a smile on other people’s face is worth more than any material things. Besides, the joy of giving is bi-directional: it fulfills and makes both the giver and the receiver happy CITATION JOH14 \l 1033 (HALTIWANGER, 2014). For example, it is so thrilling and humbling when parents and children shed tears of joy when receiving a fully sponsored scholarship to help them further their studies. For a less privileged family, the pleasure for them to see their child succeed surpasses anything that money can buy.
The connection between poverty and the community
Communities are classified as being poor or affluent by measuring families and persons’ income against the minimum amount or poverty threshold that one needs to meet basic needs. According to the University of Wisconsin – Madison, a community is considered poor when the majority of families and people’s income within the community falls below their threshold. Poverty is usually characterized by such issues as constant thirst, illness, and hunger. A society which has limited access to w

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