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Analysis of the Novella Anthem by Any Rand (Essay Sample)


Please complete a 1 page freewrite describing life in the society introduced in Anthem. How is it organized? Would you like to live here? Why or why not? How is it similar to/different from American society? The answers to these questions must appear in the essay, and please explain more details. please use you own word, no sources required. Book information is attached below.


Analysis of the Novella Anthem by Any Rand
Any Rand’s novella, Anthem is one of the best pieces of writing where the author tries to give their perspective about a collective society and an individualistic society. Rand presents a scenario where every human being is expected to follow certain laws in the society. This is depicted through the character Equality 7-2521 who wanted to become a scholar as he had a great love for nature. Despite the fact that he was intelligent and inquisitive at school more than his fellow students, he later ended up becoming a sweeper as a result of the decision made by the Council of Vocations. Due to dissatisfaction, Equality 7-2521 flees his society which makes him discover his potential and the goodness of his initial curse. The collectivism of this society must be rejected to allow every man follow his value and ego.
Throughout the entire book,

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