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How to Create a PowerPoint Presentation Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


-Organize the steps/stages by number
-Write topic sentences (Keep it simple). Repeat key words (process, stage)
-Write a thesis statement that answers the research question
-Copy and paste the numbered stages in the correct paragraph
-write with simple language
NO plagiarism
3. You are to write a process – analysis essay on how to create a PowerPoint presentation.
[350-400 WORDS]
4. The process is already available via bullet points. You have to put the bullet points in order and then write the essay. You may also use the infographic to aid you as well.
• Check out the available templates for your presentation
• Run slideshow
• Open Power Point
• Create a title slide
• Pick the template you like
• Add text, pictures
• Repeat for each slide
• Add a title.
• Hit the create button to begin assembling the presentation.
• Add a new slide
• Add additional slides
• Save presentation


How to Create a PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Create a PowerPoint Presentation
Microsoft PowerPoint is an effective way of creating presentations. PowerPoint has different tools and features that allow an individual to manipulate text, add graphics, and choose templates that suits the intended purpose of the presentation. Various steps must be followed during the making of a PowerPoint presentation. This is an analysis of the process that can be followed to create an excellent PowerPoint Presentation (Cartwright, 2019).
First, open the PowerPoint application and hit the create button to start assembling the presentation. There are numerous templates available in PowerPoint application, and some can be downloaded online. Make sure to check out the available templates for your presentation. After surveying them, pick the template you like for your presentation. At this point, you are ready to create a title slide where you will add the title for the presentation.

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