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Analysing speeches. Literature and Language Essay. (Essay Sample)



FDR Speech after the attack on Pearl Harbor
Winston Churchill "Now We Are Masters of Our Fate" speech
President George W. Bush speaking after the 9/11 attacks
Osama Bin Laden videotaped comments after 9/11
Please watch these links on YouTube and answer the following questions:
1) Identify the euphemisms and emotive words that tend to keep reoccurring in these various speeches. why do you think the authors chose the words that they did?
2) Identify the themes that keep reoccurring in the various accounts. Why did the authors/speakers choose these particular themes?
3) Rank the speeches in order, from most persuasive to least persuasive, and explain our rationale for doing so.
4) How do our current president's persuasive abilities compare with those of his or her predecessor? Cite specific differences or similarities in their rhetorical style. Is one or the other style more effective--for certain audiences, or overall? If so, explain why.
750 Word minimum.


Analysing speeches
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You can only achieve a useful, practical analysis of a speech by putting in mind the objectives of the speaker. Knowing the goals of the speaker will enable you to analyze the audience, the content of the speech, the techniques applied, and other vital information. Language use is an essential part of a speech. A speech must undergo a more in-depth analysis distinguishing the unique linguistic features applied by the speaker. The essay seeks to identify euphemism, emotive words, and themes used in the four speeches outlining the reason for the choices. Depending on their persuasiveness and compared with those of the current president to evaluate rhetorical styles.
Euphemism is a figurative language that substitutes vague language. Euphemism is applied when instead of the use of the word 'terrorism,' the three presidents employ their less violent terms. President Bush settles on 'Enemy of progress' to mean the terrorists who attacked America. 

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