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A Misunderstanding Of The American Dream Leads To The Tragedy Of Love (Essay Sample)


Need a risk-taking thesis and an original argument after reading "The Great Gatsby".


The Tragedy of Love in The American Dream
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The tragedy of love
The American Dream refers to the belief that everybody, disregarding their social class or birthplace, can achieve the success they dream of when living in a society that promotes upward mobility for everyone. “The Great Gatsby” is a tale of the frustrated love stuck between a gentleman and a lady in which characters misunderstand the American Dream, and tragedy erupts when they try to live up to it CITATION Fra16 \l 1033 (Fitzgerald, 2016). It is a story full of unhealthy relationships which are built on desire, love or sex. Notably, five significant relationships emerge from the novel whereby two of them involve two marriage affairs whereby one involving Tom and Daisy and the other one between George and Myrtle. The other three can be defined as extramarital dealings that happen between Gatsby and Daisy, Tom and Myrtle, and Jordan and Nick CITATION Fra16 \l 1033 (Fitzgerald, 2016). All these characters get involved in these romantic affairs in the quest of making their dream a reality. However, their ambitions lead them into more compromised situations since the multiple love triangles they create result in vengeance and tragedy. The most outstanding relationship which is a clear reflection of the misunderstanding of the American Dream is that of Gatsby and Daisy; it is built upon a lie since Gatsby pretends to be the person he is not. He is obsessed with daisy and tries it rekindle their lost love by proving to daisy that he is wealthy therefore capable of providing for her. He ventures into unlawful undertakings to see himself achieve the American Dream. Ultimately, he comes to an untimely demise when shot by George. On the other hand, the other relationships do not yield positive results either, since they are all driven by the fantasy of living their misunderstood American dream. The American Dream is often misunderstood, and the misguided quest to attaining it only leads to tragic love that ends in vengeance and death as evident in “The Great Gatsby.”

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