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America’s War Against Terrorism And Criminals (Essay Sample)


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America’s War Against Terrorism
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In recent years, a rise in global conflicts and terrorism has been seen. The United States and other countries have continued their war against terrorists, but it looks like they should stop doing so. Despite over ten years of war against terrorists and criminals, terrorism remains the major threat to humanity (Stich, 2005). Every year, hundreds to thousands of people are killed in the name of religion, and this phenomenon has assumed an entirely new, mystifying phase of violence and brutality. Across the United States, serious measures are taken against criminals and terrorists. Still, the situation is out of control, and the government seems to have failed (Clancy & Telep, 2011).
Despite all the efforts, it seems that the government has failed to control suicide operations, assassination, kidnappings, and other such issues. From Boston to Ontario, and from New York to Washington D.C., the number of crimes and terrorist attacks has increased dramatically. So, what’s the reason to continue its fight against terrorists? I feel that the United States should rather than a soft-line to ensure the safety and protection of its citizens (Dudley, 2002).
After the 9/11 attacks, they incarcerated or killed various members of Al-Qaida and other similar organization. They also killed Bin Laden and his companions. Furthermore, the United States foiled various terrorist attacks, and even in Afghanistan, they killed numerous innocent people calling them terrorists and criminals. In Iraq, over 150,000 insurgents were murdered by the American forces. They kept some troops in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq before taking severe measures. Have they been able to prevent the cities from being attacked? No, it may never be possible for the United States or any other country (Baird-Windle & Bader, 2001).
So, why don’t they think of resolving the matters peacefully? A few weeks after his presidency, Donald Trump stated that the United States wouldn’t be able to win wars against terrorism. He believes that the country is fighting against terrorists but may not be able to win because the strategies being implemented are basic. Insurgents, the small groups of criminals, are present everywhere in the country. The only problem is

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