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Alt Labor, Immigrant Workers and Agriculture. Literature & Language (Essay Sample)


Your job is to read and view the following:
Les Leopold, Runaway Inequality, Chapter 21: The Maximum Wage, Minimum Wage, Free Higher Education and Full Employment Chapter 22: When Unions Decline Inequality Soars and We All Lose
Justice in the Fields: Can Alt-Labor Organizations Improve Migrant Farm Workers Conditions?Preview the document
Fair Food 2017 Annual ReportPreview the document
Documentary: Food Chains (Links to an external site.)
Then write a 300 word summary and answer the following discussion questions:
What distinguishes the three organizations discussed in the “Justice in the Fields…” reading?
How closely intertwine is the law with politics? And why does it matter in the context of organizing generally and specifically with regard to farm workers?
When workers know the laws and their rights as workers, they often are reluctant to enforce why?
How can labor organizations serve a useful role supplementing the enforcement work of regulatory agencies?
Of the three organizations reviewed and based on everything we have previously discussed this semester which organization will have the most impact in the future? Please explain.


Alt Labor, Immigrant Workers and Agriculture
Alt Labor, Immigrant Workers and Agriculture
Non-traditional labor organizations, or "alt labor" have been crucial in improving the conditions of migrant workers who are employed in farms in the United States. The three alt labor organizations include Coalition of Immokalee Workers (U.S.) ("CIW"), Justice in Motion
(U.S.) ("JIM"), and Agricultural Workers Alliance (Canada) ("AWA") (Dias-Abey, 2018). A distinguishing factor that differentiates between the three organizations is their roles and functions. The AWA works by establishing a network of centers for workers where they can claim their legal rights (Dias-Abey, 2018). On the other hand, JIM supports cross-border litigation and CIW monitors and implements a private approach for regulation to help immigrant workers.

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