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Aircraft Carrier (Essay Sample)


Assessment 2 (modules 4-6) Part 1 of 2: Study Module 4 Range of Techniques to Present and Reinforce the Meaning of Lexical Items (Section 2.6). Wherever possible, you should give an active presentation of a vocabulary item that the students do not know, instead of them using a dictionary. This will ensure that students have a better chance of being more motivated to learn and will increase the chances of them remembering the word. There is a list of 7 vocabulary items below. Your students are intermediate and above. They do not know these words but they may know synonyms or antonyms of these words. How would you best convey the meaning and teach the vocabulary ítems to them? Write a paragraph on each word/words including types of interactive questions which can help accomplish this task. You do not need to restrict your method of conveying meaning to the suggestions in Section 2.6. There are other ways it could be done. Be imaginative! Aircraft carrierYesterdayThe moonLoveKeeping fitGrandfatherStamina Paragraph length: variable      Total length of assessment answer: 300-600 words Part 2 of 2: According to the videos seen in Modules 8, please write a short paragraph answering the following questions: What are some examples of on-the-spot feedback?What are some examples of delayed feedback? Paragraph length per question for part 2 of 2: 50-75 words Total length of part 2 of 2 submission: 100-150 words

Teaching is an ongoing process that is designed to enable learners gain a greater understanding of the concepts. To be an effective teacher, it takes time to learn and a deep seated desire to actively participate in your students' learning and developments. An effective teacher develops a constructive relationship with the students. This will help to maintain a rapport with the students and create a conducive teaching environment. These environments help to establish connections that enables the teacher to have a greater understanding of the individual students' needs. On the spot feedback is a spontaneous response to the day to day occurrences in a learner's life. Delayed response is, however, the planned response to needs that addresses specific needs, such as coaching sessions.
Aircraft carrier
This is a large ship that is used during wars which can be used for aircrafts to land in. It can be considered as a ship upon which a mini airbase is built with all the full-length flight deck and facilities for arming, deploying and recovering the aircrafts. An aircraft carrier can be considered as a manmade floating airbase used specifically by the military.
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