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Advertising, Promotion And Public Relationships (Essay Sample)


You began your strategic marketing plan by stating your business mission and objectives and conducting a detailed SWOT analysis. In the second part of the plan, you identified and described target market segments and identified sources of competitive intelligence and the need for further marketing research. Next, you began the process of defining the marketing mix, starting with the components of product and distribution.
The next stage of the strategic planning process continues the task of defining the elements of the marketing mix, and this section focuses on promotions. If you are working with an electronic offering, integrating promotional communications seamlessly presents unique challenges for the marketer because Web-based strategies are so different from traditional media. Even so, it is important to consider all parts of the promotion mix, including advertising, public relations, sales promotion, and personal selling.


Advertising and Public Relationships
Institutional Affiliation
Advertising and Public Relationships
The main objectives of the ABC Company's promotion strategy are to create awareness of its products, to create loyalty and brand recognition. Further, the promotion strategy is aimed at increasing the company's market share, which in turn will help in increasing sales and revenues. The company follows a different type of promotion strategies including advertising, sales promotion, public relations, and direct marketing. The ensuing discussion focuses on different tools of promotion and how they are applied by the company to meet the established promotion objectives.
One of the promotion tools used by ABC Company, a player in the retail industry, is that of advertising. The application of this particular tool is geared towards attracting more customers within the shortest time possible. While the company is popular within the industry, there is a felt need that more efforts need to be put in place to attract more people and to sensitize customers on the advantages of the brand. As a promotional tool, advertising is important in that it can help a company to yield more fruits as compared with other types of promotion tools. Notably, consumers tend to purchase what they see and this is the essence of advertising (Gruen, Summers & Acito, 2000). Using this tool, the ABC Company has focused on the use of billboards, the print media, online commercials, and TV commercials as a way of sensitizing its customers on available products and their advantages as compared with those of existing competitors. The company has over the years been involved in numerous advertising activities across countries where it operates. Social media has played an important role in sensitizing consumers about its products and promoting its brand image. Social media has played a significant role when it comes to communicating with customers in that it offers instantaneous communication and allows the company to target consumers based on gender, location, age, and gender among other demographic characteristics.
Another strategy used by the company is sales promotion. This entails engaging in encouraging activities aimed at promoting the company through promotional programmes, contests, and offering of free coupons as well as discounts helps to attract more customers and to retain existing ones. Promotional contexts run by the company have been instrumental in boosting sales as well as its market reach. In this context, sales promotion helps in creating brand awareness and loyalty (Masa'deh, Alananzeh, Tarhini & Algudah, 2018). ABC's sales promotion activities also go live on social media especially the Facebook and Twitter, which in turn helps in raising brand awareness on a daily basis. This is coupled with bundling offers whereby the company offers different products at a specified price. One advantage of bundling offers as a promotional strategy is that the company is not required to change the price of its products. On the contrary, the company is actually able to increase the sales of one product through the sale of another.
In ABC, public relations play a silent but yet a crucial role in the promotion and marketing of products. This tool has helped the company to increase its credibility in relation to the brand, and increased value of the market share value as two of the most important factors behind the establishment of a sustainable market. Public relations is also crucial in creating a strong relationship between the employees and the clients (Jayaraman, Iranmanesh, Kaur & Haron, 2013). In this regard, the company recognizes the importance of tuning the behavior and attitudes of its employees to meet ha expectations of the company. In every way, public relatio...

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