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Analysing Adverts (Essay Sample)

Please read the instruction!!!!! Write an essay analyzing one or more advertisements. I will scan 3 advert. This adverts from Lou Lou Magazin October 2012 The Clear Shapoo Page 103 Loreal Page 182-183 Pantene page95 source..

Analysing Adverts
Historically, business advertising can be traced back several centuries; however the theme has not changed one bit, the sellers want to increase their sales. They persuade the audience to purchase a given product or service. To some extent, they create a need in the minds of the consumer who sees or hears the advert for the first time. The consumer is triggered to think that the product or service is going to improve his or her life with regard to the social image or personal happiness and efficiency.
Adverts use the visual, audio or the print platform to communicate the message to the target audience. In the print media, specifically, the adverts use a numbers of techniques to bring out the desired message to the specific audience bracket. Print advertisement use different techniques to pass the message to the target audience, some of the combinations of the elements may have different elements. Therefore, to understand the meaning and the effectiveness of the advert, it is crucial to analyse the various attributes of the advert.
Looking at the Loreal1 advert, the design is quite appealing. The main theme of the advert is trying to win over the opinion of the audience, which is a basic rule for all forms advertising. The pictorial element in the advert uses the image of a celebrity. The seller uses the image to represent a state in the social classification that most people admire. This way the seller does not speak directly to the audience, but uses someone else to deliver the intended message. To the audience, the image of the celebrity speaks volumes as it is associated with quality. On the other hand, the celebrity has many fans that are bound to buy the product in question due to the mere fact that they will feel more loyal to her by using the products she presumably uses or suggests.
Adverts use iconic figures to imply the level of standards the product sets in the audiences` life, by creating some resemblance to the celebrity. Although this advertising strategy is not new, it still has effect on the intended audience. In the message, the sender uses suggestive language, implying to using this hair product will have lie changing phenomenon. As such, if one uses the hair product, their hair will not fall off. One of the most crucial t...
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