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Admission Essay to Drexel University (Essay Sample)

I am applying to drexel university and they asked me to write an essay the topic of it is (write about why you are interested in your choice of major) my major is electrical engineering. Please do your best. source..

Admission Essay to Drexel University
Drexel University is one of the United States renowned institutions that are at the fore front in research designs and facilities for the student to explore the world of academia, engineering and economics. From a tender age I have always had the interest of venturing in the electrical engineering industry, as part of my fascination with electrical equipment and appliances. Engineering in general is one of those industries that make our lives easier and manageable through the innovative applications of power and mechanics and matter in nature. No one in my family has taken any courses in the engineering as most of them are in the economics realm of careers. As such my decision was solely motivated by my pure interest in the field. Most of the family members felt that I should have taken a career line that is close to their liking, however, from the statics that I have come across, not many people are fulfilled in the careers that are thought to be lucrative especially when the persons in question have always had interest in other areas. Majority of the people that have made it through their careers are those that had the courage to take career lines along their interest.
The electrical engineering field has always given me the satisfaction of engaging my creative ideas in a field. Furthermore, I would not want my future work life to revolve around a job that pays my bills; rather I would want it to be around a career, where I am certain that I will grow personally and professionally. My passion in the electrical engineering field started building momentum at the sixth grade, when my science teacher gave us an assignment to simulate a lighting bulb. At the time my neighbour run a bakery that made some of the best bread in town, but the premises was poorly lit. As such, I set out to simulate the bakery using manila papers then put up around twenty lighting bulbs. My science teacher was very pleased and placed my class project at the science corner for the rest of the class to always admire the creativity that I put into it. My interest from then on kept on building up through my studies, and at one point my physics teacher asked me to tutor in high school as part of a voluntary program. The program opened up a whole new chapter of my passion through the trips that we took to various electrical engineering companies, as well as the interaction with the senior staff at the department of physics.
My decision to apply for my major in the field of electronic engineering is highly integrated with the fact that the university offe...
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