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Informational essay about using technology for soccer (Essay Sample)

I need a essay that called informational argue essay about using technology in soccer. for example \\\" goal line\\\" that the technology used in soccer and what happen that the FIFA used a goal line .also could you add some other technology used in soccer. and what the benefit of using technology. That the prompt of the introduction in the essay. I need the introduction include this information Introduction: This is where you introduce the topic (problem or issue or question). If you want to present your information in a neutral manner (so your readers don't know which “side” you are on), that's fine. If you want to let your readers know what your stand is on this issue or problem is, that's fine, too. But be sure to examine all the sides, all the arguments, about your topic. You'll need at least six (6) sources for this project. Note that visual aids are critical to this assignment, so you will want to select, use, and discuss at least two (2) visuals: charts, photographs, Be sure to explain and discuss them in your own text, so they connect to one or more of the various arguments you are discussing. Also i need the body paragraph include this information. people who support the technology \\\" goal line\\\" So the first body about : that technology reduce mistakes Second body : the game will be more efficient by using technology The third body about : technology helps referees to decide Also people do not support the technology for soccer. first body: some people want the game will be by human made. the second body: using technology affect the time of the game. the third body about: people think that technology is very expensive. so please the source will be in the body like the information on the body with citation like how talk this information which website. the prompt of the body paragraph is: This is where you discuss and write about and examine all the “conversation” that is going on about your topic. It's your opportunity to examine something that you are interested in, in depth, to really think about and consider all of the “arguments” that swirl around any controversial issue or topic. Remember that whatever “side” you come down on, you always want to present all arguments accurately and as completely as you can. For example, if you wanted to write about rising tuition costs, you'd want to consider Are rising tuition costs really a problem? Why? For who? How can you demonstrate or show the problem? Does the problem exist elsewhere? How do tuition costs here compare to tuition costs elsewhere? Are costs at community colleges increasing at the same rate as at the universities? Why or why not? Who determines tuition costs? How does the rate of change for tuition costs here compare to tuition costs elsewhere? What does tuition pay for, anyway? What do some of your friends have to say? (and so on) (Note that the same kinds of questions could be asked for, say, textbook costs, or class fees, or housing costs, etc.) thank you source..

Running Head: Analyzing the Soccer Technology Debate
Analyzing the Soccer Technology Debate
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The pertinent issues in using technology in soccer today
The debate on whether to incorporate technology into soccer has raged on for decades. With computers having virtually taken over our lives, the debate is even intense and it reached a climax before the 2010 world cup in South Africa. On one hand, there are arguments that the game should remain natural in terms of players and officiating and to support this, they quite the great footballer Pele who called it the “beautiful game.” (Dellon, 2010). On the other hand there is a disgruntled group that feels denying technology a chance in soccer while all the other sports have integrated the same is remaining in the dark ages. Amidst all these arguments, the world’s football body FIFA has never vacillated in its opposition to the technology and not even the dissention of some top world football officials has changed its position to date. This paper seeks to analyze the pertinent issues in the whole debate and come up with a conclusion on the best way forward.
The debate against technology in soccer mirrors a general dislike for new ideas that has existed since time immemorial. The introduction of computer technology was met with diverse reactions with the older generation accusing the innovators of giving over human power to machines. However, time has proved that though initial reactions were against such innovations, the results have come to aid the whole society. In soccer, the debate has always risen when major errors are made especially in major competitions. During successive world cups, referees have been accused of sending deserving teams home in crucial matches. The errors go way back to the 1966 world cup final between England and West Germany to the most recent world cup when England was denied an equalizer that the whole world could (Kelso, 2010). An interesting observation from all these scenarios is that the calls for technology always come prior and after the major competitions including the world cup and European championships. Eventually, the debate dies and the world football body turns a blind eye to the issue until the next uproar. To analyze the whole debate, one needs to look at the whole idea of technology and what it entails as regards soccer.
When critics talk of technology in soccer, there is always a minimalistic view to the whole idea. Technology in soccer is a broad area that not only encompasses goals and scores. Soccer is not about goals alone and when one approaches the argument with this idea, there is an illumination to the whole debate. For many years, every part of the game from the players’ kits, to the balls has been improved through technology. The Jabulani ball that was used during the 2010 world cup same after years of spirited effort by Adidas eng...
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