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A Detail from Herodotus Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


Select a detail that you consider to be of the least interest to the overall design and intention of the book A detail from Herodotus (page 96-168) which I will send the pages in the PDF and carefully explain the reasons for your choice. A detail can be a god, animal, plant, human activity, physical phenomenon or specific event.
The purpose for this essay is to critically analyze the text in order to discover underlying argument or thesis through attention to a detail that does not appear tosupport it.


A Detail from Herodotus
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A Detail from Herodotus
Over the years, there have been various reputable and renowned novelists and writers who have used their literary prowess to not only highlight several societal issues but also to expound on some historical facts. One notable book is the Histories that was written by Herodotus and is widely acclaimed to be founding work of history in Western literature. It was purposely written to preserve traces of human events and to prevent them from being erased over time. Herodotus, who is fondly known as the Father of History, purported to expound on the origins of the hostilities between the Greeks and Persians/ non-Greeks. Despite the vivid accounts, facts and themes that Herodotus highlights concerning the conflict including the possible causes of the war, he is highly criticized for not only his cultural digressions but also travel sidebars. Consequently, he has also earned the title father of lies. 

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