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6-1 Journal: Drama Review of a Raisin in the Sun (Essay Sample)


Review the play A Raisin in the Sun
before watching the play A Raisin in the Sun. While watching the video, take notes comparing and contrasting the script and the performed adaptation of the play in terms of characterization, tone, and setting.


Review of a Raisin in the Sun
Date of submission
Review of a Raisin in the Sun
Raisin in the Sun is a play written by Lorraine Hansberry commences with a sixty-year-old mother Mama who is about to receive a $ 10,000 insurance check of her late husband. The protagonist, Walter Lee Younger who is her son is adamant to get the full amount for a liquor business while her mother sees this decision as not ethically right. Thus, the play is based on the expenditure of this capital. There has been a representation of performed adaptation that reveals contradictions through the use of themes such as rebellion and hate and misery experience in the Younger family. Therefore, the theme of rebellion and hate are revealed through the use of tones, settings, and characterization in both similar and contrasting ways.
Based on the Raisin in the Sun, the setting, the main focus is the Younger family apartment which is crowded and is in suburb. Walter Lee Young and Ruth have one bedroom; Travis sleeps on a couch in the living room while Beneatha and Mama have another bedroom. All these people share one bathroom with other tenants for a long time. However, all these characters have a unique dream of having a better life in Chicago. The setting is tiny and congested to reveal the high tension...
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